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Town Council Approves New Canaan High School Track Replacement, Fields Projects

The New Canaan Town Council on Thursday unanimously approved funding for the track replacement project at New Canaan High School, along with the “Water Tower Turf One” and “Water Tower Turf Two” projects and the Mead Park baseball fields project. Each of the projects will require bonding; the actual bonding resolutions will be drafted and voted up or down by the council at a later date. Remarkably, local families and youth sports organizations including the New Canaan Athletic Foundation (NCAF) raised more than $2.3 million in private donations that will be used to off-set the cost of three of the five projects.

League’s Voter Info Brochure To Go Out Soon; Seats up for Election on Selectmen, Town Council, Board of Ed

Officials with a nonprofit organization dedicated to voter education say they’re preparing to mail important information to New Canaan electors. This year’s “Know Your Representatives” brochure from the New Canaan League of Women Voters—listing all of New Canaan’s elected representatives, as well as local board and commission meeting times—has been underwritten by Bankwell, according to a media bulletin from the organization. It will go out April 17, according to the league.

Seeking Less Costly Option, Town Council Rejects $550,000 Renovation Project at Vine Cottage

Saying they need to understand the building’s long-term purpose first and whether it could be passably restored (and legally occupied) for less money, members of New Canaan’s legislative body on Wednesday night unanimously rejected a proposal to renovate Vine Cottage for $550,000. The Town Council voted 10-0 against the bond issuance during its regular meeting. Councilman Christa Kenin said that though she appreciates the work that Architectural Preservation Studio, DPC put into a more comprehensive plan for the ca.

‘I Will Not Be Harassed Nor Bullied’: Despite Acrimony, Town Council Votes To Create ‘Land Acquisition Fund’

Saying they felt bullied after fellow members of New Canaan’s legislative body took an unusual step to force a specific item onto their meeting agenda, two officers of the elected Town Council on Wednesday night abstained from voting on it. Ultimately, the Town Council voted 7-0 in favor of establishing a “land acquisition fund”—a state law-sanctioned vehicle that’s designed to allow New Canaan to purchase property and use it for open space, recreation or housing. Yet the Town Council’s secretary, Penny Young, and chairman, Bill Walbert, abstained from voting.

Town Council To Take Up Vote on Creation of ‘Land Acquisition Fund’; 54 Signatures on Petition Seeking Quicker Decision

The town’s legislative body is scheduled during its regular meeting Wednesday to take up a vote on the widely discussed question of whether New Canaan should establish a standing fund to tap for the acquisition of open space. Included on the Town Council’s Feb. 15 agenda (instead of next month’s) following the filing of a petition with 54 signatures, the “land acquisition fund” discussion had emerged during the group’s January meeting as a divisive topic among councilmen.