Late Polling Favors NCFC U12 Boys Red on Eve of Election Day 2018

Indian Ridge Park, TRUMBULL—Well, it’s time to head to the voting booths Tuesday and I have a non-partisan, apolitical message that I believe we can all get behind: Vote for moms.

As the New Canaan Football Club U12 Boys Red team winds down another great season, I dedicate this article to all the moms out there scheduling, driving, car-pooling, organizing, and preparing these minnows for soccer games all over Fairfield County, the State of Connecticut and our wonderful nation. Without any fanfare and little recognition, these unsung heroes toil week in and week out to put our kids in a position to grow, learn about teamwork, deal with adversity and to succeed out on the playing field. And this past Sunday, that’s what the boys from New Canaan did—with their playoff hopes on the line. 

First, a quick back story. 

The NCFC U12 Boys Red side is a small team both in stature and numbers. On a given week, we just have enough players to field two subs. This week, it looked like we might have to play shorthanded given scheduling conflicts.

‘Olé – Olé – Olé – Olé – Olé’: New Canaan FC Red ’07 Boys Victorious over Stamford Rivals

Days from now, the world’s greatest sporting event, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, will kick off in St. Petersburg, Russia. National pride stirs the passion and souls of fans from all over the world – from the championship expectations of the millions of fans from powerhouses like Brazil and Germany to the 330,000 chanting Vikings of Iceland, the smallest country ever to qualify. From the long-suffering supporters of the home of soccer, England, to the return to World Cup play after a 2014 Asian no show with Japan and Korea. The intrigue of the story lines abound and are as compelling as a junior travel soccer match played out by 22 boys here in chilly New Canaan last Sunday.

Victory Blossoms for NCFC Boys 2007 Red Team

—submitted by Ed Ho

So I was at the garden store this past week asking one of the guys if I should fertilize my plantings from a few weeks ago that have yet to bloom. The nice gentleman turned and gave me the wisest advice, “No – let the warm weather and sunlight do its work this weekend. They’ll be fine.” The NCFC Boys 2007 Red team, like my flowers, blossomed this weekend on their home field basking in the radiant sunshine here in lovely New Canaan. After starting the season in the new Elite division with 5 straight losses, the 2007 Boys Red side desperately needed a win to boost their confidence and to avoid relegation. But the visiting Stamford team did not offer a rosy outlook for the game by scoring first with their two strongest frontline players pressing the attack.