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Letter: Proposed Re-Development of Roger Sherman Property Fails To Meet a Need in New Canaan

The 1-acre zoning law was broken in 2011 for The Maples complex on Oenoke Ridge because of a need for senior housing. That need no longer exists. Empty nesters now have an abundant variety of choices. Andrew Glazer’s application for a planned urban subdivision on the Roger Sherman property should be denied. Planning & Zoning revised the Plan of Conservation & Development in 2014 to drive density downtown. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Density Development Versus the Public Good

Andrew Glazer’s high-density subdivision of six houses on the Roger Sherman property, 195 Oenoke Ridge, belongs downtown, not jammed onto 1.683 acres. Object and deny it. Page 60 of the revised 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development states “increase housing in downtown,” and page 12 says “preserve and protect and enhance the physical character, open space, historic resources of our neighborhoods.”

Mr. Glazer’s cluster housing belongs downtown, with other density developments tagged residential, commercial, medical, and mixed use. Nurturing downtown is a key thrust of this POCD. Page 68 states: “Enhance the walking environment in town.” An empty nester living around Vitti or Cross could easily walk to shops in town, but from hilly 195 Oenoke Ridge, most likely, he would drive. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Don’t Ruin Oenoke Ridge

Dear Editor:

The Roger Sherman Inn property on Oenoke is just 1.683 acres. Let’s loudly object to a high-density subdivision there. Six massive houses, plus an additional road, all crammed together, are inappropriate. On Tuesday, Dec. 20, the Planning & Zoning Commission could permit an overlay zone that allows cluster housing on this beautiful road distinguished by its churches, historical society, nature center, houses with sweeping green lawns and historic lanes. Continue Reading →

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