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Letter: NCHS Students, Recent Grads Voice Support for Mallozzi-Williams

Dear Editor,

As some of the youngest voters in New Canaan, we are proud to announce our full support of Rob Mallozzi and Nick Williams for the offices of first selectman and selectman, respectively. We are happy to say that we have known both men for over five years and are quite pleased with the tremendous work they have done in governing our town. As recent graduates (and current students) of New Canaan High School, one area we know that both candidates excel in is our school system. New Canaan Public Schools didn’t just gain their stellar reputation overnight and we believe that Rob and Nick are one of the biggest factors for our high-performance standard. Their focus and attention to schools have led New Canaan to be ranked by as a top-20 school system in the entire country and this should come as no surprise given the effort they provide to ensuring our schools remain top-notch. Continue Reading →

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