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Op-Ed: Giving with a Soft Heart and Hard Head

My heart goes out to all of the Texans battling Hurricane Harvey and its vicious aftermath. It has been so moving to see the images of bravery and generosity. When the waters are rising fast, there is no age, no race, and no gender. From the Cajun Navy to Marines volunteering for the Xena Project to bring in stranded horses from neighboring ranches, this is America at its very best. From a distance, I want to be able to help so badly, but I want to use my head as well as my heart to be as effective and efficient as possible. Continue Reading →

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Letter: ‘Thank You’ to Rob Mallozzi and ‘Congratulations’ to Kevin Moynihan

Thank you for your service, Rob Mallozzi. Congratulations on your victory, Kevin Moynihan. You are two of the leaders that make our town a great place to live and work. Well done to both men. Looking back, I am grateful for Rob Mallozzi’s dedicated service to the Town of New Canaan. Continue Reading →

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