Letter: Another Reason To Run for Elected Office, Found on Memorial Day in New Canaan

Dear Editor,

Preparing to celebrate the 4th of July to honor the signing of the Declaration of Independence has offered me an opportunity to pause and reflect on our great nation and its most important holidays dedicated to the sacrifice of the veterans who have enabled us to continue to live in freedom. This past Memorial Day, I joined hundreds of New Canaanites to place a new flag on the gravesite of every veteran buried in New Canaan’s Lakeview Cemetery. I have spent my life engaged in the community, volunteering in a wide range of activities beginning when I was a child as a Boy Scout. But this Saturday morning was a special moment for me. It was my first American holiday as a candidate running to be elected as a state representative in New Canaan and Wilton. 

As I pressed each flag into the soil of the gravesite of those who dedicated their lives to our country, I felt the weight of both my privilege and my obligation to serve.