Letter: Preserve the Historic ‘Brick Barn’ in Mead Park

As the Town Council ponders the future of the historic buildings owned by the Town, the undersigned is writing on behalf of the New Canaan Preservation Alliance (NCPA) about the Brick Barn in Mead Park. Built in 1901 by the Standard Oil Company (now ExxonMobil) as a stable for horses to pull tank wagons of kerosene to customers in New Canaan, the historic building has a long history of use by New Canaan organizations, and is listed on the Connecticut Register of Historic Places. It was one of the first fuel “service stations”, and is one of the last remaining of its genre. The various civic groups that used the building over the past 117 years include a WWII sewing group for the troops; several veterans groups; the Town Band; as a changing room for school football teams; and most recently as the Town wood working shop and storage for Parks & Recreation. Over the past 20 years, the building has been unoccupied and has fallen in disrepair, as the Town ceased maintaining the building.