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Police: New Canaan Woman Arrested After Leaving 4-Year-Old Daughter in Car for Eight Minutes

Police on Tuesday afternoon arrested a 46-year-old New Canaan woman who had left her child unattended in the back seat of a motor vehicle downtown. At about 12:47 p.m. on June 19, officers were dispatched to Morse Court on a report of a 4-year-old child left in a vehicle, police said. The complainant had been walking through the parking lot there when he or she heard a child’s voice coming from the back of the vehicle, according to a police report. The child was alone and the front windows were open about three to four inches and the vehicle was turned off, the report said. The temperature outside was 85 degrees at the time, it said. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Police Honor 11 at Awards Ceremony

The New Canaan Police Department on Tuesday honored six officers, four sergeants and one lieutenant in an awards ceremony in New Canaan High School’s Wagner Room. Police Chief Leon Krolikowski presented the Lt. Stephen W Wood Officer of the Year Award to Officer Thomas Callinan. Krolikowski cited Callinan’s “self-initiative, service to the New Canaan Community, integrity and selfless service to our Department and Town” in presenting the award. Callinan had the highest number of self-initiated motor stops as well as a high number of call involvements, the chief said. Krolikowski presented the Meritorious Duty Award to Officer Kelly Coughlin, and the Unit Citation Award to Lt. Marc DeFelice, Sgt. Continue Reading →

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NCFD Crews Extinguish Fire in Oenoke Ridge Road Home 

Firefighters on Tuesday evening extinguished a small fire caused by a recessed light fixture pushed into the ceiling of an Oenoke Ridge Road home undergoing renovations, officials said. No one was injured in the fire at 712 Oenoke Ridge Road, where the New Canaan Fire Department was dispatched at about 6:28 p.m., according to Fire Marshal Fred Baker. Workers at the home, currently unoccupied, said they “had a smoke condition” there, Baker said in a press release. “Crews were able to pinpoint a small fire in the ceiling above the dining room that was quickly extinguished with portable water extinguishers,” he said. The light fixture had been pushed up into the ceiling to allow for painting and “became energized,” Baker said. Continue Reading →

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Reflections on Freshman Year: 5 Tips to New High School Graduates

Spring is a blur of exciting events, one after another, for high school seniors: college decisions, prom, internships, and graduation. The possibilities for your future seem almost endless, and it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind. But before you pack your car with all the things your parents insist are necessary for you to have (although you still don’t know how to iron and are quite certain you won’t touch that vacuum) and leave your hometown in the past, here are five tips for maximizing your college experience and making a smooth transition out of this stressful and exciting time. Don’t Trust Social Media

During the first few weeks or months, it is inevitable that you will become homesick or disillusioned by popular media’s portrayal of college life where you meet a group of 10 close friends and transform into the best version of yourself overnight. In reality, branching out is hard and almost no one loves college right away; however, everyone wants to make it seem that they do. Continue Reading →

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NCHS To Live-Stream Sports Contests at Dunning, Gym with New System

New Canaan High School Rams fans soon will have the ability to watch significantly more sports contests online, as district officials work with the broadcast arm of an Indianapolis-based organization that helps develop standards and rules for interscholastic activities nationwide. Starting no later than this fall, some 200 games and matches at Dunning Stadium and the NCHS gym will be streamed live, according to Athletic Director Jay Egan, through the High School Sports Network, a service of the National Federation of State High School Associations. “I think it’s an expectation that our parents have that this is a service we can provide for them and I think people are really excited thinking about being able to do this,” Egan told members of the Board of Education during their regular meeting, held Monday night in the Wagner Room at NCHS. The service costs user a fee in the range of $25 to $50 per year, and involves installing camera equipment at the NCHS facilities, Egan said. The approximately $6,500 it costs to get up and running is being paid for by the Booster Club, he said. 

The coverage will complement and expand about 55 to 60 games already streamed online each year through an excellent student-operated NCTV 78 YouTube channel. Continue Reading →

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