PHOTOS: 11 NCHS Student-Athletes Sign Early Letters of Intent To Play Sports in College

Eleven New Canaan High School seniors signed early Letters of Intent on Wednesday to play sports in college starting next year. The photos below are from a signing ceremony overseen by NCHS Athletic Director Jay Egan, held in the Wagner Room. Egan called it “Probably the happiest day” of the year, marking the “culmination lot of hard work, lot of time, lot of effort and a lot of dreams young people are realized by what they have earned.”

Each student received an engraved ‘New Canaan High School’ pen that included the date of Signing Day. We also asked the student-athletes why their future schools are a good fit, and put their responses next to the photos. ***

Lauren Bisceglia

“It was the best balance between social and academics for me, out of all the schools I was looking at and I really liked the people there.”

Campbell Conners

“Honestly I thought it was a good location for me, just because everyone here stays on the East Coast and they want to go to the same schools and when Butler started looking at me, it was all the way in the Midwest and I was kind of scared about that, but then I felt like the fit was just right.

New Canaan Youth Field Hockey 7 Red’s Exciting Undefeated Season Finale

New Canaan Youth Field Hockey’s 7 Red team completed it’s undefeated season on Nov. 3 with an exciting sweep of the Jamboree at Staples High School in Westport. Coach Cari Hills instructed the team to play the shortened games with purpose and pressure. With this aggressive offensive strategy, tight defense, and some superb goalie work, the girls fought hard through three games to finish the season undefeated and take home the championship medals. 

Coach Hills said, “Every single one of our players from the front line to our goalie contributed to the jamboree outcome with their tenacity, teamwork, flexibility, and never-give-up attitude. Their composure during the shootouts and during their comeback against tough competition was inspiring.”

The first game against Westport 7 Blue was a battle of well-matched teams. Both teams took came out aggressively, taking shots on goal, all of which were saved by the teams’ goalies. 

The 7 Red Goalie Lucy Parsons-Hills, made four exciting saves during regulation.

Police Issue $483 in Fines to New Canaan Woman Who Doesn’t Believe in Leashed Dogs

After a third bizarre incident in two years, New Canaan Police this month issued a total of $483 in tickets to a local woman who has repeatedly asserted that she doesn’t believe in the town’s dog leash ordinance, records show. On the morning of Nov. 2, an officer with the department’s Animal Control section responded to a complaint about a woman at Irwin Park with three dogs off-leash, according to a police report. The complainant had explained to the woman that her own dog was aggressive and she feared that if approached by other canines, the animal would attack, the report said. Yet instead of leashing her dogs at the point, the woman told the complainant not to worry, that dogs shouldn’t be on leashes and they only fight because they’re so tethered, it said.

Traffic Officials Respond to Church Street Residents’ Call To Eliminate New Double-Yellow Centerline

Voicing frustration at times during a meeting with traffic officials Tuesday, residents of Church Street agreed to wait until next year to find out whether a double-yellow line recently painted down the center of their road could be nixed from future post-paving plans. Since a new centerline appeared on Church Street last month, residents have said it’s speeding up motor vehicle traffic and is out of character with their neighborhood. 

Andy Towers told members of the Traffic Calming Work Group during a special meeting that local Realtors also have been unanimous in their feedback that “living on double-yellow line road is less desirable for people and their families than one that is not.”

“Certainly we are all concerned with kids and the pets and everybody and I understand and respect that you guys have a job to do,” Towers said at the meeting, held in the New Canaan Police Department’s training room. 

“The reality is this attacks our bottom line if the perception from the people that are in the business is that people don’t want to or are less apt to buy houses on streets with a double-yellow line and all of our net stakes are connected to that, I would think there would be recourse for our group to address that. It just seems as though, what is the difference between throwing down two yellow lines in the middle of the road and saying you owe us $200,000, you owe us 6 percent or 5 percent or whatever the numbers are? You are hacking into the value of our property. There is no question about it.

Town Approves $72,000 To Repave Park Street Lot Driveways, Fix Drainage Problem

Saying the town has received multiple complaints about the driveways that flank the Park Street parking lot, officials last week approved up to about $72,000 to repave them and fix a drainage problem that’s affecting an abutting commercial property. The Board of Selectmen voted 3-0 at its regular meeting to approve a contract with a Norwalk company whose work will include redirecting drainage from the southern driveway that now affects a staircase behind the building at 125 Elm St. “We are headed into another winter season and we would like to get this work done and make the area passable,” Public Works Director Tiger Mann told the selectmen at their Nov. 6 meeting, held in Town Hall. 

“There is a pedestrian walkway, side staircase that is not owned by the town, that is maintained by a private property owner. He has had to go in and redo that staircase because of the drainage flowing off of our driveway onto his property.