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Police Arrest Man, 20, Who Accosted New Canaan Teenager in Waveny, Offering To Pay for Sex

Police on Wednesday morning arrested a 20-year-old Norwalk man by warrant in connection with a widely discussed incident in Waveny last month, when he made a lewd advance on a teenage woman running alone there. At about 5:40 p.m. on Oct. 31 (a Tuesday), Andrew Christopher Pacicca of Chipmunk Lane approached the 17-year-old, tapped her on the shoulder and started running alongside her, according to a police report. He “grabbed her shoulder to stop her from running,” according to the report, released by New Canaan Police Lt. Jason Ferraro, the department’s public information officer. According to the report, Pacicca then asked, “Will you have sex with me for $2,000? Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

A former part-time program director at the defunct Outback Teen Center—a man who had been arrested by New Canaan Police following accusations that he made inappropriate comments to a group of youths—is a defendant in a civil lawsuit filed this summer. According to the complaint, the accused man while working as a residential advisor at Wesleyan University in the early-1980s sexually abused teens in his charge, in a dorm room and elsewhere. The case is proceeding in state Superior Court in Middletown. ***

The restaurant long known as ‘Chef Luis’ is now called ‘129,’ for its street number on Elm, and offers American contemporary cuisine from newly hired Executive Chef Joe Page. He brings more than 15 years of experience in kitchens across the United States and overseas. Continue Reading →

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School Resource Officer: ‘Nonstop’ Social Media Use Ranks with Drugs and Alcohol As Major Dangers Facing Saxe Middle School Students

Use of social media is nonstop among Saxe Middle School students and, with drugs and alcohol, represents a major danger facing New Canaan youth, safety officials said Monday night. No matter how much trusted adults warn middle school students about the pitfalls of social media, “it doesn’t matter,” New Canaan Police Officer Jeff Deak, the school resource officer at Saxe, told members of the Board of Education at their regular meeting. “And I throw into the mix the dangers of social media and you participating in illegal activities like vaping under 18, or drinking or doing drugs, and posting them,” he told the school board at the meeting, held in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School. “Those issues, in my opinion—the alcohol, the drugs and the social media—are the big issues. I know some of you are looking saying, ‘What else is there?’ There are other parts. Continue Reading →

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Parking Commission Votes 3-1 To Uphold Ticket for Man Who Overstayed at Morse Court During Eye Doctor Visit

Parking Commission members at their most recent meeting voted 3-1 to uphold a $20 ticket for a man who claimed to have been held up unexpectedly at the eye doctor. The split decision came after Yong Sung Kim made his case at the commission’s Nov. 9 meeting. Kim said he paid for about one hour at the Morse Court parking lot to visit a Main Street optometrist, but that when he got to the doctor’s office, “there were two or three people ahead of me and basically I was just waiting.”

He asked the receptionist how long he’d have to wait to see the eye doctor and was told “soon,” Kim recalled. Then, the staff there put some eye drops into Kim’s eyes and when he said that he had to, told him that it was “too dangerous to go downstairs” until his vision cleared, he told the commissioners at the meeting, held in Town Hall. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Courts Should Do More To Deter Juvenile Car Thieves

Dear Editor,

This epidemic of juveniles stealing cars should have come to an end a long time ago. The fact that these adolescents are repeat offenders shows that not enough is being done to curb their appetite for crime. It is clear that this cycle of arrests and re-offending is not doing the job in getting these youths to stop committing crimes. Trends in recidivism have shown that the the chances of getting rearrested only go up as time from release goes on, so we should do our best to deter this crime as quickly as possible upon their release from arrest. If simply arresting these repeat offenders is not deterring them from breaking into cars repeatedly every time they get released, then maybe they shouldn’t get released. Continue Reading →

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