We’re writing not only about those municipal bodies that all local media outlets cover—New Canaan Board of Selectmen, Town Council, Department of Public Works—but also the Public Tree Board, Traffic-Calming Work Group, Parking Commission and Park & Recreation Commission.

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PHOTOS: Inside the Long-Vacant Greek Revival at 4 Main St.

The new owner of the antique Greek Revival-style home at 4 Main St. is in talks now with the town-appointed body that oversees New Canaan’s Historic District. A neighborhood immediately around God’s Acre that includes 21 sites, the area is overseen by the Historic District Commission, whose sign-off is needed for exterior alterations to the buildings there. 

Arnold Karp of Karp Associates told during a recent tour of the home (see photos above) that his plan is to raze the long-neglected ca. 1780-built house and rebuild its iconic street-facing facade. 

“There is nothing historical left because it’s been renovated so many times,” Karp said. “So our concept is to keep the facade which is what is iconic about this building, just rebuild it [the facade], make it look like it [the house] has been here forever, and then build a home with a current floor plan behind it. Continue Reading →

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‘As I Was Frantically Running To My Car, I Also Dropped My Lunch’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from parking ticket appeals letters filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau:


“Hello, my name is [her name] and I am a rising senior at New Canaan High School. Recently, I was granted a $25 parking ticket due to overtimed-parking. My car was parked on the street side of Morse Court (I was parallel parked, meaning I was in the ’15 minute zone’). THe reason I was parked here was to retrieve my lunch from Spiga (it was an order I called in ahead of time). Keep in mind my car was the first car closest to Main Street – I could quite literally see Spiga outside my windshield. Continue Reading →

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‘Ignorance Is an Excuse Under the Law’: Divided Parking Commission Voids New Canaan Woman’s Loading Zone Ticket

The Parking Commission at its most recent meeting voted 3-2 to void a ticket issued to a New Canaan woman who had parked in a loading zone on Main Street. Elizabeth Zea told the commissioners that when she parked in front of the former Thali building around 9 a.m. on a Saturday in June to get her hair colored, she didn’t see a sign designating the area as a loading zone from 7 to 11 a.m. 

“I was gone for about 90 minutes and when I came back I got a ticket and thought, ‘What did I do?’ ” Zea told the Police Commission at its regular meeting, held July 12 at Town Hall. 

The only signs Zea saw were for two-hour parking from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., she said, and what she eventually discovered to be the loading zone sign was hidden behind a hanging basket. “Those darn hanging baskets,” Chairman Keith Richey said. Zea said that she liked flowers but “I really didn’t see the ‘No Parking’ ” designation. Since that specific loading zone has come up a few times at recent meetings of the Commission, the panel spent some time reviewing the history of its designation. Continue Reading →

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Parking Bureau To Move into Town Hall

Those caught violating local parking rules—or who at least are accused of such, with photographic proof—soon will be able to settle up with New Canaan at Town Hall instead of schlepping it to the second floor of the Police Department. At First Selectman Kevin Moyinhan’s request, the Parking Bureau is relocating to the first-floor space at 77 Main St. that had been occupied by the fire marshal (now downstairs). 

With the move, a good portion of paying services in New Canaan—through the offices of the tax collector, town clerk and now, parking—will be consolidated a single area. 

The way it works now makes little sense, Moynihan said. “It’s crazy, people come in to pay their parking tickets and they say, ‘Oh you have to go over to the police station.’ ‘Well where’s the police station?’ And on the second floor, by the way,” Moyinhan said during a July 26 media briefing in his office at Town Hall. “So that was one of the primary reasons to move them over here. Continue Reading →

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Parking Commission Upholds Two Tickets Issued to Downtown Employee

Parking officials last month upheld two tickets issued to an employee of a business downtown who had overstayed the time limit for on-street parking there. Maria Ju told members of the Parking Commission during her appeal hearing that she received two tickets about one week apart after overstaying in her space by about 10 minutes. “I was working at the ophthalmology office and I got stuck,” she said at the hearing, held July 12 at Town Hall. “We were busy in the office … I was with a patient and I could not get out, so I missed it by 10 minutes.”

Commissioner Peter Ogilvie noted that one of the office’s patients had also overstayed in his parking spot and was ticketed, and came before the panel seeking to have the ticket voided recently. Chairman Keith Richey told Ju that the Commission is “pretty much against employees of the shops along Main and Elm parking in the street.”

“We want them to park with a very cheap permit in the Center Lot, or parking in Morse Court and paying by the hour,” Richey said. Continue Reading →

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