We’re writing not only about those municipal bodies that all local media outlets cover—New Canaan Board of Selectmen, Town Council, Department of Public Works—but also the Public Tree Board, Traffic-Calming Work Group, Parking Commission and Park & Recreation Commission.

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‘Green and Stagnant Pool Water’: Notice of Violation Issued for Turtle Back Road Property Owners

Saying an disused, murky 800-square-foot in-ground pool is a health hazard, town officials issued a Notice of Violation to the owners of a Turtle Back Road home. A complaint of possible mosquito breeding and infestation in the “green and stagnant pool water” at 117 Turtle Back Road led municipal officials in the New Canaan Department of Health to look into the property, according to the May 8 Notice of Violation. Officials “found that the pool to be uncovered and filter non operational,” it said. “The water was dark green/brown and the presence of mosquitoes was found. No pool cover was present and the grass area around the pool overgrown/unkempt as well. Continue Reading →

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‘The Town Has Never Ever Supported the Society’: New Canaan Historical Society Officials Voice Concerns About Proposed Zoning Regulations

A set of proposed zoning regulations now before the town risks punishing the New Canaan Historical Society as the donor- and member-supported nonprofit pursues a long-term goal of developing an “Education Center” on its campus above God’s Acre, a member of the organization’s Board of Governors said last week. The rather specific requirements for a “child care center” that the interim town planner has proposed for the New Canaan Zoning Regulations “could, under some circumstances, be punitive to the New Canaan Historical Society” by preempting the organization’s plans, Nick Yanicellli told members of the Planning & Zoning Commission at their regular meeting. “I trust that P&Z reviews every site plan for anything that happens, and will have an opportunity modify and deny certain aspects of the plan, under a special permit,” Yanicelli said at the May 29 meeting, held in Town Hall. “But it has to be clear this is not ‘spot zoning’ because somebody has another idea of what should go there instead of an Education Center, and while everything else is grandfathered, the Historical Society shouldn’t be precluded from moving forward.”

He added that, “to my knowledge, the town has never ever supported the Society in any way, shape or form.”

“It is the repository of all the essential facts and reports of the town. It houses all the archival records related to the town’s history and it is a resource for town officials, local businesses and residents throughout the community. Continue Reading →

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Town of New Canaan Broke FOI Law by Withholding Draft P&Z Document, State Official Says

The town of New Canaan failed to comply with state sunshine law when it took more than two months to deliver a public document to a resident who had asked for it, officials said. According to an attorney with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, “there is no reason why” the town should’ve taken until Nov. 7 to hand over a 15-page document that the Planning & Zoning Commission had discussed at a public meeting on Aug. 29. The document, revised extensively at that August meeting, spelled out in a draft the conditions of approval that P&Z was considering for Grace Farms’s application for an amended permit. Continue Reading →

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UPDATE: Jelliff Mill Bridge Open Thursday

Update 6:45 p.m. Wednesday

The Jelliff Mill Bridge will not be closed Thursday, as originally planned, according to the town. The contractor has put off the pouring of concrete to another day, according to the Department of Public Works. Original Story

Jelliff Mill Bridge will be closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday as workers pour the concrete deck of the replacement structure there, officials said. Only buses and emergency vehicles will be allowed to pass during that time, according to Joe Zagarenski, senior engineer with the New Canaan Department of Public Works. Begun in March 2017, the bridge project is expected to be completed July 8, Zagarenski told Continue Reading →

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