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‘Sky Blue Poles Seen Against the Sky’: Public Safety Antennas Proposed for West School, St. Luke’s

Town officials have received applications to affix radio antennas to existing structures at West and St. Luke’s Schools, part of a wider effort to improve communications for New Canaan’s first responders. The proposed 20.8-foot antenna at West School would be located atop of a building toward the rear of the campus, on a roof whose peak is about 28 feet from the ground, according to an application submitted to Planning & Zoning. The proposed 20-foot antenna at St. Luke’s would be affixed atop a brick chimney at a building alongside the football field, according to the school’s application. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: New Canaan High School Post Prom [LIVE]

Thanks to some very hard-working New Canaan High School parents, we’re pleased to announce that the wider community is invited to share and view Instagram “live” photos of Senior Prom (beforehand and Post Prom) through this continuously updating gallery (instructions below):

To share photos, students attending Post Prom (or parents with pre-Prom photos) should:

Go here
Log in with Instagram
After joining the “SnapWidget” campaign, use a #NCHS2018Prom hashtag to share your photos in the gallery

Parents who wish to share pre-Prom photos should do the same. We’ve populated the grid with some Prom-related photos ahead of time. Bookmark this article page and check in later to view “live” photos from Post Prom. Continue Reading →

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Police, District Work on Specifics of Access to Interior Cameras at Schools

Police and district officials said Wednesday that they’re planning to meet and hammer out the details of the New Canaan Police Department’s would-be access to interior cameras at public schools. Despite making formal and public requests of the district to bounce back a proposed Memorandum of Understanding or ‘MOU’ regarding that access, police officials said that they only received an email from the superintendent of schools that same day to meet with the Board of Education’s attorney on the matter. “Apparently the Board of Education met this past Monday and discussed it and he [Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi] is wanting me and him and the Board of Education attorney to sit down and discuss the MOU again,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said during a regular meeting of the Police Commission, held at NCPD headquarters. “I don’t know when that is going to happen but so far we do not have access to interior video cameras which we desperately want especially in the case of an emergency or in the case of a big event that we need access in order to have our officers dispatched there as quickly as possible to help people. So I’m hopeful that this is going to happen but it has been a long process. Continue Reading →

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Parents Call for Board of Ed To Open ‘Formal and Public’ Study on Later School Start Times

Eight months after hearing that they would be part of a working group dedicated to the task, parents in plain language on Monday night called for the Board of Education to open a “formal and public study” to evaluate later school start times in New Canaan. Saying she represented more than 600 New Canaan Public Schools parents who have signed an online petition advocating for later start times, Megan Steele said the group respectfully requested “that the Board of Ed members put to vote the immediate formation of a ‘School Start Time Committee’ to be formally and publicly created, per the bylaws, so that we the public can have full knowledge of any meetings, process and progress, and additionally provide meaningful input into this outcome.”

“It is a very important decision and we know it is a complicated one,” she told members of the Board of Ed at their regular meeting, held in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School. “We know we need to understand the costs, the logistics and possible solutions. But we believe we must put our teens’ health first and take a holistic, creative approach to making this work. As parents and registered voters, we are entitled to this from our Board of Ed and school administration. Continue Reading →

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