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District: All Elementary School Sections Meet Class Size Guidelines for 2017-18 Academic Year

New Canaan Public Schools will see 4,247 students attend kindergarten through twelfth grade for the academic year that starts next Wednesday, officials said this week—just four more than projected. In addition, due largely to continuous enrollment monitoring and attendant hiring by district administrators, the class sizes of each section within the town’s elementary schools will come within Board of Education guidelines, according to Director of Human Resources Gary Kass. “We have been monitoring the enrollment very closely over the summer, meeting weekly just to try to keep track of who is moving in and who is moving out, and we have made some changes to our original staffing so we ended up adding teachers to achieve these class size numbers,” Kass said at the Board of Ed’s meeting on Monday night, held in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School. “Back on May 31st, for example, we added a kindergarten section at East. In July, we added three sections—fourth grade at East, second and third grade at South School—and just recently, at the end of July, we added a kindergarten at South. Continue Reading →

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District To Examine Later Start Times at New Canaan Public Schools

District officials this year will look into whether starting New Canaan Public Schools later in the morning would benefit students, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi said Monday night. The Board of Education has discussed the prospect informally in the past and this year will “put some resources” behind conducting research and making recommendations “about whether school start times are in line with best practices on meeting students’ needs,” Luizzi said during a board meeting. “We are beginning to look at this,” Luizzi said during the meeting, held in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School. “Some schools around us do. Wilton has had a later start time for a period of years. Continue Reading →

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Board of Ed Voices Support for Proposed Emergency Communications Antenna at West School

Board of Education members on Monday night voiced support for a proposal from the New Canaan Police Department to install an approximately 10-foot radio communications antenna on a 5-foot “monopole” atop the roof of the West School gymnasium. Assured that the pole poses no health hazards—in fact, there are two existing, similar set-ups already at West School, used by the bus company and district itself, according to Police Capt. John DiFederico—Board of Ed members stopped short of a formal vote. The new one would serve public safety needs, he said. School board member Sheri West said: “It seems very straightforward to me that we would be supporting” the installation. DiFederico described the proposed antenna as an initial step toward improving portable radio communications for police, fire and public works officials as well as EMTs and members of the Community Emergency Response Team or ‘CERT.’

“The problem is that portable radios in the western side of town have a real difficult time reaching our base so that is what a receive-only antenna does—it captures the radio signals in the air and sends them back to the police department or the fire house or the public works facilities,” DiFederico said at the meeting, held in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan High School 4th Quarter Honor, High Honor Rolls

With another year under their belts, many NCHS students can now celebrate their achievement of making either the Honors or High Honors roll for the fourth quarter. Congratulations to these students. Below is the High Honors list, followed by Honors. Names are listed alphabetically by grade. Grade 12 High Honors

Bhaskar Abhiraman
Rachel Annulli
Jackson Appelt
Ellery Baran
Brittany Barber
Olivia Barden
Kaylin Bean
Matthew Berger
Meghan Brady
Shannon Bucci
Jackson Butler
Jason Campe
Lauren Catalano
Amy Chu
William Conley
Faustino Cortina
Courtney Coutts
James Crovatto
Madeleine Culpepper
Kavya Dagli
Edward Dahill
Emma Dahill
Drew Davis
Camaren Dayton
Trevor De Ghenghi
Abigail Deery
Maggie DeFrancesco
Shea Delehaunty
Spencer DeVito
Catherine Ellsworth
Laura Endres
Maria Fagerstal
Angelina Fagundes
Katharine Ferguson
Mariana Ferreira
James Freyre
Paige Freyre
Casey Gallup
Alice Gelhaus
Hannah Gelnaw
Kimberly Genuario
Andrew Gibbens
Christopher Greene
Annalee Greenspon
Anne Greer
Francesca Guyn
Christopher Harte
Quinn Hays
Tyler Hill
Jack Hoelzer
Edward Holappa
Robert Hoover
Nicole Howard Krog
Graham Jameson
Evelyn Jensen
Maura Kelley
Carolyn Kemp
Molly Keshin
Rachel Keshin
Caroline Knightly
Caroline Leeber
Scott Luntz
Dana Lurie
Anna Lysenko
Grace Manges
Julia Means
Hazel Montano
Liam Mooney
Andrew Morris
Aurelie Moutran
Caileigh Murray
Siobhan Naughton
John O’Connor
Brendan O’Halloran
Mackenzie O’Malley
Maria Oliveira
Kameron Ong
Sofia Paloka
Michael Pelli
Tessa Piontkowski
Giuliana Ponterotto
Hugo Potter
Charlotte Pratt
Chiara Rapuano
Jack Rechtermann
Bailey Reehl
Cameron Rhind
Molly Rochlin
Brooks Rosenberg
Graham Russell
Brian Sandor
Holly Santero
Camryn Schlim
Rebecca Serven
James Shapiro
Andrew Shizari
Paige Skyrm
Madeleine Smith
Patrick Song
Michael St. Continue Reading →

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District Denies Discrimination Claims from East School Custodian, Resurfacing in New Lawsuit

New Canaan Public Schools officials an East School custodian’s clams that she’s been discriminated against by her superiors because of her gender, race and disability have no merit. Asked about the allegations, described in a lawsuit filed last week in state Superior Court, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi issued a statement Martha Ochoa had made similar claims “in a complaint she filed with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in 2015.”

“After conducting a fact-finding investigation, the Commission issued a finding of no reasonable cause and dismissed the complaint,” Luizzi said. “We expect a similar result in the current litigation.”

Filed June 21 on Ochoa’s behalf by attorney Thomas Weihing of Bridgeport-based Daly, Weihing & Bochanis, the lawsuit names the New Canaan Board of Education as the sole defendant. The case has been transferred to U.S. District Court. Ochoa’s lawyers could not be reached for comment when the firm was contacted by Continue Reading →

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