New Canaan residents share their thoughts and raise issues of importance to our community, on matters touching local residents—property and business owners, taxpayers, students, nonprofit leaders and caregivers. This is a space for New Canaanites to recognize good works that may otherwise go unnoticed or to raise questions and concerns for public vetting. To submit a letter to the editor, email editor@newcanaanite.com.

Recent Articles

Letter: Preserve the Roger Sherman Inn

The recent announcement that the Roger Sherman Inn and restaurant will operate through February and the builder, Andy Glazer, has said that there are no plans to raze the historic building is good news for the resident of New Canaan. However, this still means that after February we will lose the Roger Sherman Inn. Destroying the Roger Sherman Inn would rip out the heart of the town. We must support this iconic landmark. My family and I will continue to patronize the inn during the coming months and I would urge my neighbors to do the same. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Respect the Grace Farms Application Process, It’s a ‘Wonderful Place for Our Community’

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of Grace Farms Foundation. My family has lived in New Canaan for the past 15 years and I am proud to be part of the New Canaan community. I read the local article reporting statements made by our First Selectman, Robert Mallozzi regarding Grace Farms. I was very disappointed that a public official of ours would make personal comments regarding an ongoing proceeding. Our public officials should conduct themselves in an unbiased and professional manner and not introduce their personal opinions. My son and I enjoy visiting Grace Farms. It is a wonderful place for our community and others to enjoy. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Grace Farms Does Good in Supporting Church, Partnering in Activities

Dear Michael,

I am writing in support of Grace Community Church and Grace Farms Foundation. My family has lived in New Canaan for the past 20 years. Over the course of these two decades my husband and I have raised our three boys, attended the public schools, and volunteered on behalf of the town and other private-public concerns such as Waveny LifeCare Network, Pura Vida For Children, SLOBS, New Canaan Winter Club and the Wetlands Commission along with various church and school activities. Grace Community Church has been our home since its inception in 2001. We began to meet in backyards to try and make sense out of the tragedies of 9/11 and begin to build a community of faith that was meaningful to us. Continue Reading →

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Letter: ‘Thank You’ from The Exchange Club

The Exchange Club of New Canaan had another banner year of sales with 1,260 trees and almost 2,000 wreaths sold at our annual fundraiser in Kiwanis Park. We netted nearly $90,000, which we’ll distribute to local not-for-profit organizations this year. We want to thank the New Canaan community and residents from nearby towns for buying trees and wreaths from us. We were also pleased to see many adults and children attending our annual Lou Moreno tree lighting ceremony. We could not have been successful without the help from many organizations including the Service League of Boys, the Girl and Boy Scouts, Pivot Ministries, the Shepherds, the New Canaan Recreation Department, the Chamber of Commerce, Old Faithful, Studio Singers and watch dog Wisdom. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Son of ‘Harvard Five’ Architect Eliot Noyes in Praise of the River Building

To the Editor:

What New Canaan has is extraordinary. Twice in the last 75 years the town has been on the cutting edge, moving forward, keeping current without losing the essence of unique New England traditions. The first began in the 1950’s spearheaded by the so-called Harvard Five’s Mid-Century Modern houses. The second is now with Grace Farms—a new type of public oriented facility. At first glance, the Mid-century Moderns seemed like a major break from wonderful Victorian houses of the 1800’s. Continue Reading →

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