New Canaan residents share their thoughts and raise issues of importance to our community, on matters touching local residents—property and business owners, taxpayers, students, nonprofit leaders and caregivers. This is a space for New Canaanites to recognize good works that may otherwise go unnoticed or to raise questions and concerns for public vetting. To submit a letter to the editor, email editor@newcanaanite.com.

Recent Articles

Letter: Endorsing John Amarilios for Democratic Registrar of Voters

I am pleased to endorse John A. Amarilios for the office of New Canaan Democratic Registrar of Voters. An Attorney, John was raised in New Canaan, has long been active in the political life of New Canaan and for the past two years, has served as a petitioning third Registrar, due to a quirk in Connecticut law. No other person could be as well prepared for the office as John. The office of Registrar now requires completion of a two year certification program. During those two years, John has availed himself of every training opportunity, completing the required two year certification program and will soon be fully certified by the Secretary of The State. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Balancing Progress and Preservation

It takes the perspective of time to balance the pace of progress working to shape the future versus the desire to preserve the past. Lately in New Canaan it seems that the majority of projects proposing change and progress toward an ever changing future have been met with cries to preserve the past. I guess that is human nature at its fundamental best—the struggle to remember the past while pursuing the future. Such is the plight of many buildings in New Canaan. There is no question that our town is fortunate to have a vibrant history that we should all be willing to embrace. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: New Canaan Baseball ‘Natural, Deserving’ Occupant of Mead Park Brick Barn

New Canaan Baseball (NCB) wants to move into Mead Park Brick Barn but the town continues to talk about its demolition. Over the years, countless parties have wanted to occupy the space: Old Faithful, a bike shop, a flower shop, architects, not-for-profits, and now NCB. Historically, despite what the town says, third-party occupancy and even third-party investment in the Barn have not seriously been considered—in 2013, CT Trust awarded the town a grant for Barn work but it lapsed under the then first selectman who found implausible excuses not to seek Town Council approval. This grant is but one example of various sources of possible external, non-Town funding from the state, federal government, foundations, and private interests. Some of these sources should be readily available and forthcoming. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Preserve the Historic ‘Brick Barn’ in Mead Park

As the Town Council ponders the future of the historic buildings owned by the Town, the undersigned is writing on behalf of the New Canaan Preservation Alliance (NCPA) about the Brick Barn in Mead Park. Built in 1901 by the Standard Oil Company (now ExxonMobil) as a stable for horses to pull tank wagons of kerosene to customers in New Canaan, the historic building has a long history of use by New Canaan organizations, and is listed on the Connecticut Register of Historic Places. It was one of the first fuel “service stations”, and is one of the last remaining of its genre. The various civic groups that used the building over the past 117 years include a WWII sewing group for the troops; several veterans groups; the Town Band; as a changing room for school football teams; and most recently as the Town wood working shop and storage for Parks & Recreation. Over the past 20 years, the building has been unoccupied and has fallen in disrepair, as the Town ceased maintaining the building. Continue Reading →

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Full Disclosure: Aller-Geez

Waveny Park’s beauty taunts me as I drive by it on my way to…everything. It beckons me. Waveny’s come-hither allure is almost too much to bear for both an avid jogger and a victim of severe seasonal allergies. I indulge in the trails cautiously, as I am bogged down with both pollen-phobia and an irrational fear of forest creatures. But every now and again, one must throw caution to the histamine and decide to embrace the uncertainty of nature—and a possible encounter with the unknown. Continue Reading →

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