New Canaan residents share their thoughts and raise issues of importance to our community, on matters touching local residents—property and business owners, taxpayers, students, nonprofit leaders and caregivers. This is a space for New Canaanites to recognize good works that may otherwise go unnoticed or to raise questions and concerns for public vetting. To submit a letter to the editor, email editor@newcanaanite.com.

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Letter: Addressing Alcohol, Drug Abuse in New Canaan; Downtown Vigil Planned for Aug. 31

Dear Editor,

Drug overdose deaths in 2016 exceeded 59,000, the largest annual jump ever recorded in the United States, according to the New York Times. On Aug. 31, all over the world, it will be “Overdose Awareness Day.” In New Canaan there will be a community overdose awareness vigil in the Pop-Up Park on South Avenue and Elm Street, beginning at 7 p.m.

A candlelight vigil will honor the local young people who lost their lives in the several years from a drug overdose. There is hope in recovery. “The Elephant in the Living Room” does exist and we want to talk about it. Continue Reading →

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Letter: In Support of Christa Kenin for Selectman


I would like to express my thanks and best wishes to all of the candidates seeking elected office in New Canaan. Your commitment and willingness to serve our town is to be commended. While our community will benefit from engaging, contested races at the General Election in November – it appears likely as of now that one of the three seats for the Board of Selectmen will be decided at the Republican caucus on July 18th. Accordingly, I would like to convey my strong support of Christa Kenin who is running for Board of Selectman against the incumbent, Nick Williams. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Town Council with Christa and can attest to her integrity, dedication and passion to serve our constituents. On all topics, you can count on Christa to engage in thorough research, respectfully evaluate of all sides of an issue and actively communicate via digital media and face-to-face engagement to keep us all informed. Continue Reading →

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Letter: In Support of Mallozzi-Williams for First Selectman, Selectman

I am writing this letter as a proud son and because I believe in New Canaan’s public servants, volunteers, employees, Republicans, Democrats, and everyone else who is fortunate enough to live or work in such an amazing town. When I was ten years old my dad, Rob Mallozzi III, decided he had more to give to our community than a beloved retail store, leading the Family Fourth, and various charitable endeavors so he chose to volunteer at the New Canaan Fire Company. Every Tuesday night for four years, he slept on the living room couch so that he wouldn’t wake his family up when the tones went off and told him that he was needed at the firehouse. When Hurricane Irene arrived the weekend after I left for college, my dad was at the EOC, staying up all night to make sure that New Canaan had the resources it needed to weather the storm. While his family and other New Canaan residents slept, Rob was committed to making sure they would wake up to see the town they love still thriving. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Great Working Experience with Our Current Selectmen

As a resident and public servant, my experience working with our current Board of Selectmen has always been professional and enjoyable. I’ve found them to be accessible and responsive whenever there is work to be done. From the perspective of a community resident with concerns around spending, taxes, real estate values, schools, or more neighborhood specific issues, my experience has been that our selectmen want to hear from residents, and collaborate on solutions. From the perspective of a Utilities Commissioner working with them for over five years now, my experience has been equally gratifying. When I was serving as chairman early on, their support was memorable for the gratitude I felt from them for the work the commission did, and notable for the example they set as advocates for progress. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Endorsing Moynihan and Kenin for First Selectman, Selectman

I have been a resident of New Canaan for 15 years. I am writing to share my endorsement of Kevin Moynihan for the office of first selectman and Christa Kenin for selectman. Kevin Moynihan has fresh and new ideas about the issues that are pressing our town right now: cell service (our emergency services site an important need), natural gas (lower costs of energy for town municipalities equals tax savings) , and commuter parking (make our town more desirable and help the abysmal real estate market). Not only do I like his ideas, Kevin has the work ethic and skills to bring these long overdue projects to fruition. Equally, if not more, important than the issues above, is the state of our schools. Continue Reading →

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