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This section is dedicated to all things concerning our New Canaan animals—pets, wildlife, environmental and health matters touching the animals of our town, activity out of the New Canaan Police Department Animal Control Unit, and more.

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Court Documents: After New Canaan Dog Died in His Care, Darien Man Lied to Animal’s Owner, Veterinarians and Police

Dogs boarded at Terry’s House of Pets in Darien were often kept locked in a motor vehicle while the business’s owner ran errands, were forced to compete for food tossed onto an unsanitary garage floor—in a room that was not climate controlled—and the animals never were let outside for fresh air or exercise, according to court documents. When a young golden retriever died in his care in July—likely from exposure to extreme heat—the owner of the Hoyt Street business, Terry Burns, appears to have lied to the dog’s New Canaan owner as well as to emergency veterinary workers and police, according to an arrest warrant application from Darien Police Officer Richard Flood. Though Burns told the staff at Norwalk’s VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center that the dog, Betsy, had “collapsed suddenly after playing outdoors,” that “did not make sense,” according to the testimony of vets cited by Flood in his application, signed by Stamford Superior Court Judge John Blawie. “Evidence indicates this golden retriever died of heat stroke, some time before arriving deceased at the emergency hospital,” it said. Burns, 44, who lives at the 259 Hoyt St. Continue Reading →

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Police: Darien Man Charged with Animal Cruelty; New Canaan Woman Says Her Dog Died in Care of ‘Terry’s House of Pets’

Police last week arrested a 44-year-old Darien man by warrant in connection with an unlicensed dog kennel where animals had been abused and neglected, officials said. According to one New Canaan woman, her own 13-month-old golden retriever died of heat exposure while in the care of the owner of “Terry’s House of Pets.”

Terence Burns of 259 Hoyt St. was charged with animal cruelty. The business is located at the same address, police said. According to a press release from Lt. James Palmieri of the Darien Police Department, authorities in July were notified about a possible illegal kennel operating in their town. Continue Reading →

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Police Seek Owner of Human-Attacking Cat [PHOTOS]

New Canaan Animal Control officials are trying to find the owner of a free-roaming cat that bit and scratched a town woman this week, forcing her to undergo a series of rabies shots. The dark brown tabby on Tuesday morning attacked a Douglas Road woman in her own fenced backyard as she approached to greet the animal, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. The woman was treated by EMTs due to injuries on the back of her calf, Halm said. The same cat crossed Route 106 and ended up Wednesday on a High View Terrace property, where it was photographed, Halm said. There, it nipped at a woman’s shoe. Continue Reading →

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Citations Issued after New Canaan Woman Lodges Complaint about Neighbor’s ‘Menacing’ Dog

Police have cited a Long Lots Road dog owner for two counts of failure to license following a complaint lodged by a neighbor who told authorities that a black Labrador mix next door had been “menacing” her “for a long time,” records show. On Aug. 19, according to the menaced neighbor, the 6-year-old Labrador-Australian shepherd mixed-breed dog “charged up to” the woman “at her mailbox and she was afraid to move.”

Eventually “she spoke softly to the dog and it backed away, then she returned to her home shaking in fear,” according to an incident report from the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section, obtained by NewCanaanite.com through a Freedom of Information Act request. The following day, she lodged a formal complaint with Animal Control. In it, the neighbor said the dog “runs after vehicles and anyone walking by the yard, but there have been multiple incidents wherein the dog did not adhere to the electric fence and comes out onto the shared driveway chasing people,” according to the police report. Continue Reading →

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Elm Street Poodle Re-Homed After Attacking Smaller Dogs Again

A New Canaan poodle has been re-homed following a biting incident last weekend at a condo complex downtown, officials said. Long owned by an older woman who lives in Pride’s Crossing on Elm Street, the standard poodle on Saturday attacked a pair of leashed Havanese after bolting from its unit, according to a police report. One of the dogs sustained puncture wounds to its leg, according to Officer Allyson Halm of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. The same dog nine months ago similarly had gotten out of its home and attacked a small dog, according to Halm. Neighbors have said several other incidents have gone unreported, officials said. Continue Reading →

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