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Full Disclosure: ‘New Canine,’ Next Station to Pet Heaven

When you have a husband, two kids and a mother on the same block, you may assume there is no significant void to fill in your personal life. Me too. I never realized how the unconditional love of a dog could wiggle its way into the deep, dark crevices of my jaded heart and make things whole. ***

The rumors are true: Years ago, I convinced my truly wonderful husband to purchase a home on the same street as my mother. If you’re conjuring up images of Everyone Loves Raymond, you’re on the right track. Continue Reading →

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Louie the Bernese Mountain Dog: A Puppy at Heart

In this installment of “New Canine-ites,” featuring profiles of local dogs, we speak to town resident Bella Doré about Louie, an instantly lovable Bernese Mountain Dog. Passing him mid-walk playing in his yard, it was impossible not to fall in love with Louie, who is essentially an enormous puppy. “Louie is definitely very loving,” Doré said. “He will do anything and everything he can to be as humanly close to you as possible. If you’re sitting down he will jump up and give you a hug—literally.” Continue Reading →

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Marley the 9-Year-Old Black Lab: Gentle and Playful

In this installment of “New Canine-ites,” featuring profiles of local dogs, we speak to town resident Charlie Wilson about Marley, a 9-year-old black lab that the family has had since he was a puppy. Coming across Marley in Waveny, it was easy to see how calm and relaxed this lab is. “He’s gentle and never does something he’s not supposed to do,” Charlie said. “He’s nervous at first, but when Marley’s outside he is active and loves to run and swim.”

Acquired in January 2007 when Charlie was eight weeks old, Marley was a gift to the whole family. “Our family friend had 11 puppies on Christmas and we went to go look at one for us,” he said. Continue Reading →

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As Temps Soar, New Canaan Animal Control Urges Dog Owners To Take Precautions

As temperatures soared toward the mid-90s Wednesday and with thunderstorms expected Thursday, New Canaan Animal Control officials are urging residents to be extra mindful of their dogs’ health and safety. “It’s going to get hot and ugly,” Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm told If it’s not possible to switch to an early-morning or evening schedule, dog owners who like to jog with their dogs should shorten their runs and understand that any dog over seven years old is considered senior—like puppies, those older dogs are more susceptible to heat exhaustion. “Also, the hot pavement,” Halm said. “People don’t realize that when the sun is beating down these sidewalks—put your hand down there and see how long you’d last. Continue Reading →

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‘A Very Good Dog’: Police Department’s New K-9, Apollo, Makes Waveny Debut

New Canaan’s first K-9 Police dog in more than two years started his patrol on our nation’s birthday on Saturday, at the 35th annual Family Fourth celebration at Waveny. Apollo, a full-breed German Shepherd dog, has been with his partner, Officer David Rivera for 2.5 months, and lives with Rivera at his house. He is cross-trained as a patrol dog who also has a narcotics certification, the police officer said. Apollo will assist police in finding missing items, persons, and also locating narcotics. “His ability to find people, I would say, is the best tool that is going to be brought to the town,” said Officer Rivera. Continue Reading →

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