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This section is dedicated to all things concerning our New Canaan animals—pets, wildlife, environmental and health matters touching the animals of our town, activity out of the New Canaan Police Department Animal Control Unit, and more.

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PHOTO: Dachshund Found Tuesday Night in Northwestern New Canaan

Police are seeking the owner of a small dog found in the area of Ponus Ridge and Lost District Drive on Tuesday night. According to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section, the “very sweet female” dachshund was spotted walking along the side of the road around 8 p.m. on Jan. 10. “No one has called looking,” Halm told NewCanaanite.com. Police alerted authorities in nearby Pound Ridge, N.Y. about the animal, too, she said. Continue Reading →

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‘It Does Establish Local Control’: State Rep Pursues Bill That Would Allow Towns To Decide on ‘Leg Hold’ Trapping

A state legislator is urging residents of New Canaan and nearby towns to contact their delegates to the Connecticut General Assembly as he pushes for a bill that would allow municipalities—rather than the state—to decide whether widely discussed “leg hold” or “foothold” traps may be used in their towns. State Rep. Fred Camillo (R-151) said that allowing towns to move away from the traps—which use a footplate and curved jaws that snap onto animals that spring them—is mainly “about cruelty to animals who otherwise have no say at all in how they are treated.”

“This is something that is really horrible,” Camillo, who represents a wide swath of Greenwich, told NewCanaanite.com as a long session of the state legislature got underway last week. “Horrible. And it is not just for coyotes. Dogs have gotten caught in these things. Continue Reading →

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Injured Cat Turns Up in Dan’s Highway Garage

A New Canaan man is searching for the owner of an injured cat that turned up this week at his Dan’s Highway home. Dimitri Andreakis said the male cat he found in his garage on Wednesday morning first was spotted Tuesday on his property. The orange cat’s foreleg clearly had been broken because “it was bent backwards,” Andreakis said. The New Canaan resident isn’t sure just how the cat got into his garage, but he gave him food, took him to veterinarian in Stamford and is seeing through the animal’s care while searching for an owner. “I’m going to name him, ‘Lucky,’ I think,” Andreakis told NewCanaanite.com. Continue Reading →

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‘This Is Just Legal Animal Cruelty’: Coyote Seen Dragging ‘Leg Hold’ Trap in New Canaan

Residents of northern New Canaan are voicing concerns about the welfare of a coyote that’s been spotted multiple times for the last two weeks dragging a leg hold trap through the snow. First seen Dec. 12 by a Jonathan Road resident, the animal is suffering because of what appears to be a botch job by an amateur or otherwise unqualified trapper, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. “This is just legal animal cruelty,” Halm said of the animal, which she herself saw briefly on Wednesday. No one has been able to photograph the animal, though pictures of its tracks—paws and the trap—are clear in the snow (see photo at right). Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: Black Bear Tracks Appear in Eastern New Canaan

Black bear tracks appeared out back of a home in eastern New Canaan on Saturday, officials said, following the winter’s first substantial snowfall here. State officials gave preliminary approval that the tracks—which appeared near a heavily wooded area off of Cheese Spring Road, near Knollwood Lane and the Wilton town line—were made by a black bear, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. The animal’s appearance serves as a reminder that bears remain in town even when they’re less visible in the winter months, Halm said. According to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, black bears “are not classified as true hibernators but their body temperature is lowered and heart rate slowed during winter denning.”

“Denning enables bears to overcome unfavorable weather conditions and lack of food during winter. Denning bears do not eat, drink, urinate, or defecate. Continue Reading →

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