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This section is dedicated to all things concerning our New Canaan animals—pets, wildlife, environmental and health matters touching the animals of our town, activity out of the New Canaan Police Department Animal Control Unit, and more.

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New Canaan Police Officer, Veterinarian Save Overheating Bulldog Found Roaming Downtown

The diligence and care of a police officer and local veterinarian last week likely saved the life of a young bulldog who got off-property in downtown New Canaan on an afternoon that saw temperatures soar toward 100 degrees. Around 3:49 p.m. on July 21—a Friday—Police Officer Andrea Alexander responded to a report of a roaming dog lying in a residential driveway on the south side of Locust Avenue, according to an incident summary report obtained by NewCanaanite.com through a Freedom of Information request. A Forest Street woman 52, told Alexander that the young animal had been following them and “that the dog seemed to be overheating and they tried to give him water but he wouldn’t take it,” the report said. “I found the dog to be a young male English bulldog and he was having issues breathing from the excessive heat. I had a leash and he came with me to my car and I was able to get him into the back area. Continue Reading →

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Teenage Girl to Police: My Boss’s Poodle Bit Me

New Canaan Police recently investigated an 18-year-old Stamford woman’s claim that her employer’s dog bit her in the leg—only to discover following multiple interviews that the complainant had been fired from her job and could produce no corroborating evidence of an attack. The teen couldn’t recall the exact date of the Jelliff Mill Road incident when she contacted the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section late last month, according to an incident report obtained by New Canaanite following a Freedom of Information Act request. Yet in speaking to the woman on June 19, Officer Allyson Halm said in the report, she “related that as she was walking into a gated area toward her office door, at the dog owner’s residence, five dogs came towards her and as she attempted to enter the office door one dog described as a poodle named ‘Jake’ bit her on the back of her left calf.”

The teen said she’d been alone at the time and no one was in the office, but that she texted her co-worker about it straightaway, according to the report. The complainant further said that she would forward a photo of her injury to Halm as well as the text message she’d sent to the co-worker, to establish the date of the incident. Halm then contacted the dog’s owner to confirm that ‘Jake’ was up-to-date on his rabies shots (he was) and relayed what the teen had said, according to the incident report. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Police, Wilton Vet Aid Mead Park Snapping Turtle with Fishhook Caught in Its Mouth

New Canaan Police and a Wilton-based veterinary group this weekend worked together to ensure the safety of a large snapping turtle at Mead Pond that had a fishhook caught in its mouth. At about 12:40 p.m. on Saturday, the police department’s Animal Control section received a flurry of calls regarding a large snapping turtle in the middle of Richmond Hill Road, according to Officer Diane Apicelli. Arriving, Apicelli said she found a crowd gathering around a 33-pound snapping turtle with an 18-inch long shell. Police Officer Dave Rivera was directing motor vehicle traffic around the turtle that clearly had a fishing lure caught in its mouth, according to Apicelli, of the Animal Control section. She crated the turtle and transported the reptile to South Wilton Veterinary Group, which “has a wonderful ‘exotic animal’ veterinarian on staff,” Apicelli said. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Dog Bites Pool Man in Butt

A Portuguese water dog recently bit a pool serviceman who appears to have arrived at a client’s Benedict Hill Road house unannounced, records show. At about 10:30 a.m. on June 21, a Wednesday, the owner of a Wilton-based pool service company phoned the Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department to report that one of two workers who had traveled to the residence was bitten in the butt, according to an incident report obtained by NewCanaanite.com following a Freedom of Information request. When authorities contacted the homeowner, he “sounded upset, relating he was surprised that the pool service employees would enter the property without knocking on the front door first,” according to an incident summary from Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm. Police confirmed with Norwalk Veterinary Hospital that the brown-and-white dog in question, Marle, was up-to-date on rabies vaccinations, then contacted the victim. According to the pool man, he and a co-worker had entered the property through a gate by the garage to service the pool. Continue Reading →

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FOUND: Senior Dog Went Missing from Briscoe Road Property [UPDATE]

Update 7 p.m. Monday

This dog has been found in South Salem, N.Y., relatives say. A Good Samaritan picked up Bebe as she walked along Route 123 northbound, and kept her for the night, posting signs in the morning that the old girl’s frantic and hugely relieved owners spotted. Original Article

A New Canaan family is seeking help finding a senior dog that ran away during fireworks Sunday night. Bebe is a 65-pound, mixed-breed white dog with black and brown spots, according to her family. The 11-year-old dog ran away from a Briscoe road property and has not been seen since, the family said. Continue Reading →

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