PHOTOS: Police See Sharp Rise in Coyote Sightings 

Police say they’re seeing a spike in coyote activity, with nine sightings so far in September. The coyotes likely are juveniles born last spring who have been kicked out of their dens or young males doing surveillance for the next breeding season, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. She’s encouraging residents to use hazing techniques when encountering the animals. “The calls are coming in one after another,” Halm said. “People just have to realize it’s a lifestyle change if you want to protect your pet this is what we have to do.”

Here’s a snapshot of September sightings:

Coyotes are monogamous and generally breed between January and March, giving birth from April to mid-May following a gestation period of about 63 days, officials say.

Mountain Lion Seen on Briscoe Road

A Briscoe Road woman on Monday saw a mountain lion while walking her dog, in what New Canaan Police are classifying as a credible cougar sighting, the third of 2018. 

Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section, called for residents in the area of Briscoe and North Wilton Roads to check surveillance video for images of the animal. “We have had enough sightings that we believe are credible and people just need to always be alert,” Halm said. “We do live in the woods. Everyone needs to be prepared to see a bear, to see a mountain lion, always. We can’t let our guard down.

Dog Bites New Canaan Girl in Face

A New Canaan girl suffered abrasions on her nose and cheek after a friend’s dog bit her during a play date, according to police records. The dog—a Rhodesian Ridgeback named ‘Dunkin’—had been fostered by a Gerdes Road family for just five days when he bit the 15-year-old girl on Aug. 31, sending her to Norwalk Hospital for treatment, according to a case report obtained by through a Freedom of Information Act request. Police learned of the incident the following day when the dog’s owner, a New Milford woman, phoned to ask about what happens after a dog bite, according to the report, filed by Officer Roy Adams. Adams advised the woman that the dog must undergo a quarantine at a licensed facility. 

By that time, a Ridgefield woman and friend of the owner had already removed the dog, the report said. Ultimately, police confirmed with Dunkin’s veterinarian—New Milford-based Candlewood Animal Hospital—that the dog is up-to-date on his shots, and he underwent the required 14-day quarantine at Passage East Kennels of Wilton.

Mom of Two Rescues Gravely Injured Goose at Kiwanis Park

Lauren Schwarmann’s only intention in entering Kiwanis Park last Friday morning was to take her two little boys, 3-year-old Lucas and 2-year-old Reece, to the small playground, a family favorite. Her plans changed quickly when, after pulling her truck into the Old Norwalk Road park, she spotted what appeared to be a dog or cat under attack by a pair of red-tailed hawks. “All I saw was wings everywhere,” Schwarmann recalled. “It was in the middle of the field and I quickly drove the car up to it and there were two hawks landing on him. There wings were on him.

Owners of Bruno the Bulldog Cited by Police for Roaming, Fined $92 After He’s Found Distressed Again on Hot Day

About one year after police saved the life of an overheating dog downtown, Animal Control on Aug. 28 issued a $92 infraction to the animal’s owners after it happened again. According to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section, a FedEx driver spotted the bulldog roaming on Locust Avenue at midday during the high heat spell and immediately picked up the dog and brought him to police headquarters. There, Halm tried to cool down the dog, Bruno, “because he was just really struggling,” she said. She identified Bruno’s family through his tags and contacted them. 

A similar incident had occurred in July 2017, when Bruno was found on the street by a police officer with significant trouble breathing and was so weak he wouldn’t take water.