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New Canaan engenders a strong sense of identity among its residents. In our “Local People” profiles and features, we celebrate that strength.

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Street Style: Basics to Boho

Despite it being the final month of summer, incoming college sophomores Julia Fleisher and Tess MacKenzie are excited to keep the summer style alive with basic staple pieces to just about everything boho. NewCanaanite: What are you wearing today? Julia: Today I’m wearing a pair of Lululemon high-waisted black leggings, a gray cropped tank top matched with a gray suede hat, and all white Kenneth Cole sneakers. Tess: I’m wearing a striped flowy long sleeved romper with a pair of black and beige Birkenstocks, and blue Ray Ban Aviators. NewCanannite: What would you say your day-to-day style is? Continue Reading →

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Seventh Graders Obsessed with Football’s Giants and Patriots, Basketball’s Knicks and Celtics

Glad I was able to catch up with a group of sports fanatical seventh-graders outside Baskin Robbins and learn all of the latest sports news. Whether the topic ranged from the 2016 NBA Draft picks and Derek Rose signing with the New York Knicks, or their excitement for the upcoming football season, these incoming sevies are always on track with the latest news the ESPN and the NFL Network apps. With that, here’s what these sports-crazed kids had to say in this installment of “5 Things I’m Obsessed With,” where we ask young New Canaanites to give us their lists: (more…) Continue Reading →

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Street Style: Comfortable and Cute

For this installment of “Street Style” we caught up with New Canaan’s Sofia Paloka, a rising senior at New Canaan High School and barista at Zumbach’s Gourmet Coffee. New Canaanite: What are you wearing today? Sofia: Today I’m wearing ripped boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters. A white flowy off the shoulder top from Caren Forbes. Accessory wise, I’m wearing jewelry that I just bought in Belize from my mission trip, my round Ray-Ban sunglasses, and my favorite sandals from Forever 21. Continue Reading →

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Faces of New Canaan: Amer Salloum

In this installment of “Faces of New Canaan,” we interview a town resident known for nearly two decades to scores of locals through the New Canaan YMCA as well as his own business. Amer Salloum, a licensed massage therapist, lives on Millport Avenue with his wife and three kids, and has been a New Canaanite for some 11 years. Given that Salloum’s story of hard work, opportunity and optimism—from non-English-speaking and, for a time, homeless, to family, profession and community—captures perhaps what many of us associate with this nation at its best, we feel it’s fitting to headline our Independence Day newsletter with this profile. We met Salloum in a recent afternoon at Kaahve coffee chop on Main Street. What follows is a transcription of our exchange. Continue Reading →

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‘An Aspirational Brand at Achievable Prices’: New Canaan’s Mellick Family Launches ‘Beachmate’

In a way, New Canaan’s Beatrice and Jeff Mellick have their first-born to thank for the idea that—as of Wednesday afternoon—became a public-facing, live retail enterprise. Now a West School first-grader, Phoebe was four years old on the afternoon in August 2013 when, on the beach near the Mellick family’s longtime summer home in Charlestown, R.I., she asked her dad to make a “huge hole,” “big huge sandcastle” and a “moat that goes all the way down the water,” Jeff Mellick recalled. He dutifully said “Of course, sweetheart,” drove his pickup truck to a hardware store, bought a garden shovel, headed back to the beach, finished his project in 20 minutes and “actually got to sit down and relax for 30 minutes straight as my daughter, Phoebe, and my son, Emmett, played for 30 minutes straight—which had never really happened before.”

“And so after that, every day, three or four different dads would come up to me on the beach and ask to borrow my shovel,” Jeff Mellick said on a recent morning from an office in downtown New Canaan. “So the light bulb went off.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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