New Canaan Youth Field Hockey 7 Red’s Exciting Undefeated Season Finale

New Canaan Youth Field Hockey’s 7 Red team completed it’s undefeated season on Nov. 3 with an exciting sweep of the Jamboree at Staples High School in Westport. Coach Cari Hills instructed the team to play the shortened games with purpose and pressure. With this aggressive offensive strategy, tight defense, and some superb goalie work, the girls fought hard through three games to finish the season undefeated and take home the championship medals. 

Coach Hills said, “Every single one of our players from the front line to our goalie contributed to the jamboree outcome with their tenacity, teamwork, flexibility, and never-give-up attitude. Their composure during the shootouts and during their comeback against tough competition was inspiring.”

The first game against Westport 7 Blue was a battle of well-matched teams. Both teams took came out aggressively, taking shots on goal, all of which were saved by the teams’ goalies. 

The 7 Red Goalie Lucy Parsons-Hills, made four exciting saves during regulation.

Late Polling Favors NCFC U12 Boys Red on Eve of Election Day 2018

Indian Ridge Park, TRUMBULL—Well, it’s time to head to the voting booths Tuesday and I have a non-partisan, apolitical message that I believe we can all get behind: Vote for moms.

As the New Canaan Football Club U12 Boys Red team winds down another great season, I dedicate this article to all the moms out there scheduling, driving, car-pooling, organizing, and preparing these minnows for soccer games all over Fairfield County, the State of Connecticut and our wonderful nation. Without any fanfare and little recognition, these unsung heroes toil week in and week out to put our kids in a position to grow, learn about teamwork, deal with adversity and to succeed out on the playing field. And this past Sunday, that’s what the boys from New Canaan did—with their playoff hopes on the line. 

First, a quick back story. 

The NCFC U12 Boys Red side is a small team both in stature and numbers. On a given week, we just have enough players to field two subs. This week, it looked like we might have to play shorthanded given scheduling conflicts.

Youth Sports Roundup: New Canaan Red 8 and 7 Field Hockey Teams Notch Weekend Wins

New Canaan 8 Red Beats Wilton 3-2 

—submitted by Allison Totaro

New Canaan 8 Red had their work cut out for them with tough competition from Wilton on Sunday evening, September 30th playing over the border in Wilton. The first half of the game seemed to be going well with another shutout for goalie, Amelia Totaro, thanks to the offensive and defensive key players of the game: Taylor Cloud, Abigail Evans, Cristina Ferreira, Sage Hartslief, Victoria Lockhart, Avery Morawa, Youll Na, Katherine O’Connell, Ellie Parkhill, Polly Parsons-Hills, Molly Reed, Abby Richardson, and Hannah Smick.  They each did their part by keeping the ball away from the net.  It was a defensive game and one strategic play was made by Ellie Parkhill who attacked the ball and made a great clear that catapulted the ball down the field. Polly Parsons-Hills scored the two goals in the first half with her impressive top left corner hook. The second half proved to be tough for New Canaan when Wilton packed on the heat.

Op-Ed: No Regrets as New Athletic Complex Serves New Canaan Community

On Monday, we celebrated the new Water Tower II and III fields with a photo of all who helped to get the project completed, together with youth athletes from various sports that have already started to benefit from the additional turf space. 

But my celebration had come on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018. On that day I walked to my car parked in the lot next to Dunning Field following my son’s JV football game on Water Tower 1. I stopped and took a picture of the activity on the new Water Tower 2&3 fields. Following four straight days of rain, youth programs from soccer, to football to field hockey were all practicing on the new fields.

Youth (and Not-So-Young) Sports Roundup: Local Soccer, Softball Players Notch Weekend Wins

NCFC U12 Red Boys: ‘Victorious, Happy and Glorious’ Start to Fall 2018 Campaign

—submitted by Ed Ho

For those of you who are sports and movie fanatics, here’s one for you. I adore the English national anthem and I really love classic movies. Hearing the spirited English supporters raise “God Save the Queen” to new heights this past summer during England’s fabulous World Cup campaign gave me goose bumps before each match. Now, transpose that with George C Scott’s academy award winning performance in “Patton” (1970, screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola). That opening speech with General Patton set against the backdrop of the stars and stripes is engrained into my movie hall of fame for this line:

“Americans love a winner…”

Yessir General Patton!