Eyeing New Uses, Town Approves Funds To Restore, Repaint Colonnade at Mead Park

Town officials have approved nearly $12,000 to enter into contracts with two area companies to clean and paint the marble Greek columns of the colonnade in Mead Park.

The colonnade in Mead Park. Credit: Michael Dinan

A WPA project that originally had been a wading pool and was converted into a “victory garden” following World War II, the grassy colonnade area hosts community events such as the recent cherry blossom festival, an annual breakfast hosted by the New Canaan Beautification League and junior prom photo gatherings.

Parks officials since last year have discussed ways to spruce it up so that the colonnade offers more uses.

The Board of Selectmen at its most recent meeting approved an $8,780 contract with Norwalk-based Royal Restoration and $11,855 with Stamford’s Aladdin Services to clean up and paint the marble columns.

“I think it’s money well spent,” First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said at the July 25 meeting, held at Town Hall.

Together with Mallozzi, Selectmen Beth Jones and Nick Williams voted 3-0 in favor of the contracts.

According to Recreation Director Steve Benko, two bathrooms on either side of the colonnade had been removed in the early-1970s due to vandalism. The paint on the wooden façade and tops of the columns now is peeling away as small animals have born into the wood for shelter.

The work needed includes sanding the wood, repairing damaged areas and repainting them, as well as pressure-washing some columns.

The town for the current fiscal year approved $7,500 in capital funds for the colonnade (see page 42 here).

“We have obviously been spending a lot of money at Waveny and Mead is right downtown and it’s used a lot,” Williams said.

2 thoughts on “Eyeing New Uses, Town Approves Funds To Restore, Repaint Colonnade at Mead Park

  1. My cherished memory is being married to Allan Jay at the Meade Park Colonnade in 1978. It was a sunny afternoon, of course. Such a casual ceremony with Art Lane the high school tennis coach officiating. Hank and Judy Rowett were out witnesses. How sweet it was. Peggy Jay

  2. I commend the town’s effort to spend relatively small amounts of funds to maintain the town’s resources BEFORE they decay beyond repair. Mead Park, with its Tennis Facilities, Playground, Playing fields, Pavilion with eating and the best public bathrooms in town. Not to mention the peaceful Cherry walk with new bridges honoring our honorable Veterans.

    As far as recouping costs for this specific project, I could see the opportunity to have informal weddings here at the colonnade for a $500 permit etc.
    Perhaps placing some chairs (as we have at Irwin) in this space would make the area more of an appealing destination for a conversation with a friend or a place to read a book.

    I would encourage the town leverage the talents of the beatification league and historical society in this type of effort so the monies can have their landscaping design expertise.

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