Friday Renewal Deadline Looms for New Canaan Parking Permit-Holders

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Those who hold parking permits for lots in New Canaan have until Friday to renew them or else face late fees or even cancellation, officials say.

The New Canaan Parking Bureau will accept payment, by check only, at its office on the second floor of the New Canaan Police Department through 4:30 p.m. on June 29, according to Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg. Permit-holders also may pay by that deadline online, with an approximately 3.5 percent service charge, or may mail in a check so long as it’s postmarked by June 30, she said.

That means permit-holders “cannot drop it in the mail and hope that the Post Office runs it through a machine—they have to go into the Post Office and have it stamped,” she said.

Those who fail to renew by Friday face a $50 late fee in July, $100 in August and losing the permit after Sept. 1, Miltenberg said.

The Parking Bureau last month snail-mailed renewal applications to 1,781 permit-holders across all commuter and business lots, according to Stacy Miltenberg, head of the department.

Just 200 of those permit-holders have signed up for a free email alert service that the Parking Bureau launched in response to requests from some residents for it.

“People claim that when information is put int eh newspapers or even on your website [New Canaanite], that they don’t read or see it,” Miltenberg said. 

She added: “We set up this email system so that we are proactive and listening to what everybody wants, as reminders, as notifications for anything that has to do with parking.”

Parking permits for certain lots in New Canaan are in high demand. The Lumberyard Lot next to the train station had 483 people on its waitlist at last count, officials said, with 157 waiting for Richmond Hill and 103 at Talmadge Hill. Commuters often sign up for all three list, officials say.

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