Letter: In Support of Mallozzi-Williams for First Selectman, Selectman

I am writing this letter as a proud son and because I believe in New Canaan’s public servants, volunteers, employees, Republicans, Democrats, and everyone else who is fortunate enough to live or work in such an amazing town.

When I was ten years old my dad, Rob Mallozzi III, decided he had more to give to our community than a beloved retail store, leading the Family Fourth, and various charitable endeavors so he chose to volunteer at the New Canaan Fire Company. Every Tuesday night for four years, he slept on the living room couch so that he wouldn’t wake his family up when the tones went off and told him that he was needed at the firehouse. When Hurricane Irene arrived the weekend after I left for college, my dad was at the EOC, staying up all night to make sure that New Canaan had the resources it needed to weather the storm. While his family and other New Canaan residents slept, Rob was committed to making sure they would wake up to see the town they love still thriving. Rob’s dedication has endured throughout his six years as our first selectman.

When his opponents propose that Rob or Nick Williams don’t take town safety seriously because of existing cell service challenges, it’s disheartening at best and disingenuous at worst. Believe me, they fully understand the complexity of the cell service problem and are committed to seeing a solution. And yes, that might be discouraging for our opponents’ supporters to hear because it does lack a specific timeline. However, Rob and Nick have unwavering integrity and would never tell the public that something can be done overnight in exchange for a vote, even if it meant losing.

At the end of the day, we are fortunate to live in a community where people care about their town so much. People come here and want to be involved. When I remove myself from the perspective of a candidate’s son, it’s encouraging to see people talking about the issues, regardless of whom they support. Their opinions are real, valuable, and deserve to be heard. These conversations are important for our community’s health, and that is something I told Kevin Moynihan when I introduced myself to him following the first debate. Elections encourage us to consider the path that our community is on. Will we go to anyone for change? Or will we continue to trust a team that has put New Canaan first over the past six years? Most will go with the latter because Rob and Nick have been, and continue to be, up to the task. To Kevin’s point, it is about getting the job done, and Rob and Nick are not finished yet.

Rob and Nick are great leaders because they know that small acts performed by the many are what transforms a town. Politics have to be a team effort and our incumbents have worked tirelessly to put new minds and fresh perspectives on Team New Canaan. They have instituted change, but it is change that is balanced by a keen awareness of our town’s fabric and what makes us proud to call this place home. The simple truth is that successful men and women of all professions working near and far have always worked together to protect and guide our great community. That truth has always kept our selectmen on track. So thank you Rob and Nick, for staying the course and ensuring that New Canaan is a better place than it was before you found it.

Vote Mallozzi-Williams on Tuesday night at the Republican Caucus.


Rob Mallozzi IV

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