Letter: Neighbor at ‘The Maples’ Supports Plan for Six Dwellings at Roger Sherman Inn Site


I’m writing in response to the article which appeared in the NewCanaanite authored by Michael Dinan and appearing online March 6th.

Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman John Goodwin seems to suggest that seniors seeking “in-town” quarters will have their needs satisfied by the mixed-use Merritt Village apartment/condo complex. I would argue that the two developments have nothing in common. People who are looking for high quality design, extensive millwork, quality finishes, beautiful landscaping and a prestigious neighborhood will not be interested in the density of the Merritt Apartments. It is appealing to a different demographic.

It is apparent that regulation 7.1 clearly covers Mr. Andrew Glazer’s application, and Attorney Ira Bloom is concerned that denial “would open up New Canaan to an appeal of that decision in court.”

I’d like to point out that though there are seven units at the Maples, four are housed in the main building…so the actual number of free-standing units would be 10 in total between the two properties, not 13 as stated by Commissioner Kent Turner. And again, the density can’t be compared to the density allowed by the commission on Park Street with much greater impact to our town’s infrastructure and traffic safety.

Addressing Commissioner Claire Tiscornia’s statement “I can tell you what the neighbor’s would like. The neighbor’s would like one home, maybe two”. I am within 10 feet of the property line and I would prefer six small dwellings as opposed to one or two massive ones. I’ve been a real estate professional in New Canaan for 30 years and I can say, unequivocally, that the days of massive new construction have passed. Commissioner Tiscornia also states “You are not going to get seniors walking.” I am a senior. I walk, as do other homeowners at the Maples. Happily, there are sidewalks and marked crosswalks into town.

Commissioner Jean Grzelecki seems concerned about Mr. Glazer’s plan to spring this on the neighbors. As neighbors, Mr. Glazer was careful to address and answer any concerns we might have had. The project was not sprung on any of us.

And finally, Commissioner John Kriz states: “It seems like a lot of product in a small space.” Apparently the commission had no such concerns about the density of the Merritt Apartments—110/116 units on 3 acres!

In closing, I am available to answer questions the commissioners may have about how the neighbors feel about the project proposed by Mr. Glazer.

Harriet Plavoukos
The Maples

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