New Canaan’s Most Popular Cars

“Next Station To Heaven,” “Home of the Rams,” site of the Philip Johnson Glass House and … birthplace of Caffeine & Carburetors.

New Canaan loves cars.

In a town of nearly 20,000 residents of all ages, the Office of the Assessor counts 17,245 on its Taxable Motor Vehicle Property List for the most recent year.

Here’s a look at the 10 most popular automobile makes on the list:

Most Popular Car Makes in New Canaan*

MakeNo. of Cars
*Source: New Canaan Assessor Office


Once again, Chevrolet is distinguished as the only car company that has entries on the top-4 most popular makes (#2) and models (#3 with the Suburban, leap-frogging the Lexus RX since one year ago).

Chevrolet Suburban

Asked to account for the Suburban’s popularity, Karl Chevrolet Vice President Steve Karl said it’s “because it answers the needs of families so well.”

“It is roomy, comfortable and easy to drive, despite its large exterior appearance. It fits up to eight passengers comfortably and has a ton of storage room for gear. The upgrades that have been made in safety and technology on the new model are amazing.”

Young families in New Canaan “start with one when their children are in infant seats and strollers, and have one in the household all the way through their college years and beyond.”

“In addition, the Suburban consistently ranks as one of the most loyal brands in the industry, because once you have one and experience the level of luxury and comfort, it is difficult to compare with anything else offered on the market,” Karl said.

He added: “Our clients are extremely busy and are always on the go. Our store sees millions of miles logged in every year with family and business use of this model.  When it comes to safety, reliability, and family enjoyment the Suburban truly is one of the best choices you can make.”

Here’s a look at the top-10 most popular auto models in New Canaan:

Most Popular Car Models in New Canaan*

MakeNo. of Cars
Jeep Cherokee454
Jeep Wrangler
Chevrolet Suburban401
Lexus RX389
Honda CRV306
BMW X5305
Range Rover267
Audi A4264
Subaru Outback
Acura MDX240
*Source: New Canaan Assessor's Office


Karl Chevrolet President Leo Karl III said that when it comes to a family’s primary vehicle, there typically are two overarching needs: space for passengers and cargo, and keeping them safe at all times.

“There is simply no other vehicle that combines the Suburban’s interior passenger and cargo space with that level of luxury and safety,” he said “Whether it’s packing up for the summer beach vacation, heading to a weekend lacrosse tournament, or heading to the mountains for skiing, the Suburban gets families there in style and safety.”

Asked for his thoughts on trends that car owners should expect to play out in the near future, Leo Karl pointed to the “fully electric Chevy Bolt EV,” which arrived earlier this year.

“The Bolt EV is the first affordable, mass produced electric vehicle with a range over 200 miles per charge,” said Leo Karl, who has been instrumental in advocating for electric car use and getting charging stations in town. “In just its first couple of months on the market, it has quickly become our best selling car. I suspect that trend will continue as more and more local consumers realize the tremendous savings and driving enjoyment of an electric vehicle.”

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