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Letter: Colm Dobbyn for Town Council

Editor, New Canaanite;

Electing Colm Dobbyn to our Town Council this November makes tremendous sense. Colm brings a strongly analytical mind (a highly successful corporate attorney specializing in intellectual property rights and technology), coupled with a well-founded sense of what makes New Canaan such a special and vital community (a 24-year resident with more than a decade serving on our Inlands Wetlands Commission) together with a commitment to open and transparent governance conducted with respect and civility. I have known Colm for more than a decade and had the privilege of serving with him on the town’s Wetlands Commission for seven of those years.

Letter: New Canaan ‘Lucky’ To Have Rich Townsend Running for Town Council

I have no direct ties to Rich, but after witnessing his first debate this summer I was moved by his down to earth practical approach: make every decision based on the impact it will have on property values (as a whole). I walked away feeling New Canaan is lucky to have him running for office. Stanford MBA, Former CFO of Loral Space & Communications, long history living and raising his family in New Canaan and time … to work for the benefit of New Canaan.

Letter: Liz Gores Donovan for Town Council

I am supporting Liz Gores Donovan for Town Council. She is highly qualified and can help preserve the unique character of New Canaan providing leadership to guide our town into the future. Liz has the skills that will be valuable such as technology and telecommunications.

Letter: Penny Young for Town Council

Dear Sir,

Our family has known Penny Young and her family for four decades. During that time we have admired her for many things. She is a loving wife and mother, a steadfast friend, she is bright and energetic, has high character, strong values and a love for our community.

Letter: John Engel for Town Council

Dear NewCanaanite Editor,

I am a 25 year resident of New Canaan. I love my town. My wife Jeanette and I call it home. It is the only place my four kids have ever lived, until my oldest found his first job out of college two years ago.