Sunset Hill Road Home Sold for $2.4 Million

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The following property transfers were recorded last week in the Town Clerk’s office. For more information about each property from the assessor, click on the street address.

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Dec. 27

This 1978-built, four-bedroom Colonial at 11 Sunset Hill Road includes 4,698 square feet of living space and sits on 2.79 acres. It sold in December 2017 for $2.4 million. Google Streetview

11 Sunset Hill Road

  • $2.4 million
  • Greyrock Associates LLC to Charlene Berardino, trustee

Dec. 26

92 Conrad Road

  • $2,250,000
  • Bradley Colton to Samuel Buttrick

47 Buttery Road

  • $875,000
  • William Webster to Joseph & Melissa Giorno

Dec. 22

123 Richmond Hill Road #6

  • $684,000
  • Elaine Murdock LLC to Gretel Schneider

Dec. 21

85 Locust Ave. #516

  • $325,000
  • Lynn Vogl to Joshua Mitchell

1601 Ponus Ridge

  • $2,752,700
  • Timothy Davenport to Jason Walcott

913 Ponus Ridge

  • $3,075,000
  • Heather Weed Goldberg, trustee, to Michael P. Murray & Natalia Klykova, trustees

73 Laurel Road

  • $1,572,000
  • Jan Finn to Jonathan Phair

5 thoughts on “Sunset Hill Road Home Sold for $2.4 Million

        • Thanks Marsha. What I list here each week are property transfers, as it says at the top of this post. In this case, the form does state that the buyer and seller have the same address. I would just note here that the parties involved put on the conveyance form itself that total consideration was $2.4 million. A conveyance tax of some $26,000 was paid. Whether someone wants to call it a ‘sale’ or ‘transfer,’ the form itself—OP-236, the Connecticut real estate conveyance tax return—doesn’t specify. And for my purposes here, I’m not sure there is a difference.

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