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Letter: Town Treasurer Andrew Brooks ‘Has Grown in Office’

As NC Republican Town Committee Chairman from 2010-2014, I have been pleasantly surprised how our current twice elected Town Treasurer Andrew Brooks, has grown in office. After a stint teaching low-income students with AmeriCorps and brandishing his Economics degree from Brandeis University; this town native who was  first elected in 2013, revamped the Town Treasurer’s role and brought it into the modern age with little  support from Town Hall. Andrew has really made a difference in our town government and has utilized his professional experience at two prestigious consulting firms working with Fortune 500 clients assisting them in  effectively managing regulatory change and strategic initiatives. If you are a voter who is worried about their tax burden; you should be supportive and grateful that Treasurer Brooks was able to increase our investment earnings by over one million real dollars the past few years. It also appears that Andrew has the support of the NC Audit Committee and has worked closely with them to right the chronic deficiencies that we experienced under our prior Finance Director; who abruptly left New Canaan’s town hall without a clear explanation of the terms of her departure. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Andrew Brooks for Town Treasurer

There has been a boatload of misinformation propounded by the Democratic candidate for town treasurer and his supporters regarding the role of the town treasurer. This approach appears to be intended to mislead the voters about the integrity of Treasurer Andrew Brooks, who in my opinion has done a superlative job protecting New Canaan’s tax dollars. As mandated by state statute, the treasurer has general oversight of town receipts and expenses, signs authorized checks, and approves bond issues. By contrast, the Finance Department is responsible for accounting, payroll and benefits, budget development, internal controls, financial reporting and debt management. In effect, the treasurer manages the town’s cash but is not responsible for nor manages the town’s accounting and financial reporting functions. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Town Treasurer Candidates Differ on Role of Elected Position, Qualifications at Debate

None of the material weaknesses that auditors have identified in New Canaan’s finances in recent years have been the town treasurer’s responsibility, a candidate for the elected office said this week. Nevertheless, the identification of those weaknesses became a focal point for many in New Canaan and what Democrat Rob Fryer said he would do if elected town treasurer is “see that this doesn’t happen again.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Letter: Andrew Brooks for Treasurer

As a practicing Certified Public Accountant over the past 40 years with the Big Four Accounting firms, a major international financial conglomerate and founder of my Certified Public Accounting firm in 1987, which firm is a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and quality reviewed by the AICPA National Peer Review Division I can accurately and with industry knowledge attest to the outstanding performance of New Canaan’s current Treasurer Andrew Brooks. I have also functioned as treasurer of many not for profit organizations and currently serve as the Treasurer for the Greenwich Council of the Boy Scouts of America. That said, I can conclude that you do not need to be a Certified Public Accountant to function as treasurer for our municipality. The prerequisites necessary for performance in the treasury function are actual treasury experience in cash management and asset management and training in the treasury function. Andrew Brooks has received this necessary training at the international accounting firm of Deloitte Touche LLP and at his current position at Accenture. Continue Reading →

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‘A Lot of Horse Poop’: Officials Seek To Discredit Treasurer’s Claims of Financial Problems at Town Hall

The town treasurer’s recent assertions that he lacks full access to all municipal bank accounts while some former public workers have retained login access—even after their employment with New Canaan had ended—are flat-out false, officials said Tuesday morning. Additionally, Treasurer Andrew Brooks himself does not have the ability to “scrub” the names of former municipal workers from New Canaan’s bank accounts as indicated during a public meeting last month, according to officials with the bank that the town uses. In fact, according to Barbara Hart, senior vice president of government and institutional banking at Webster Bank, it’s an industry best practice to preserve a record of the names of those who previously had access to municipal bank accounts for seven years. “We give people online access according to the specifications set forth during the implementation period, so when setting up a new customer like the town of New Canaan, we figure out who has what access,” Hart told members of the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting, held in Town Hall. “And we grant passwords and user IDs based on the level of access at the account level, user level –we give very, very finite limits to each user and those limits are captured in our system. Continue Reading →

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