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Letter: Vote for Kit Devereaux for First Selectman


Kit Devereaux has served in more capacities in New Canaan government and not-for-profits than there is space to list. Her tenure on Town Council, Board of Finance and the Charter Review Commission, and her financial services background, provide the necessary experience and skills to manage town government, improve accountability and save taxpayers’ money. Kit’s track record, including serving on the Parks & Recreation Commission, as president of the League of Women Voters and her many roles at St. Mark‘s Church, provides hard evidence that Kit is collaborative, a good listener, transparent and an effective problem solver. New Canaan needs such qualities to solve challenges like declining state funding for schools and other services, poor cell phone service, inadequate parking, and sloppy oversight of town projects. Continue Reading →

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‘I Am Sort of Puzzled’: After Neighbor’s Apparent Misdirection Is Exposed, Officials OK Bridge Repair on Weed Street Property

Though he apparently had been informed otherwise, a Weed Street man told the town that a plan to repair a stone bridge—a span that forms part of an original, disused route to a neighbor’s 15-acre property—required his own approval, officials said this week. Yet several days prior to making that claim at a May meeting of the Inland Wetlands Commission, Craig Kingsley of 592 Weed St. had been told by a land surveyor that his own property in fact did not touch the dilapidated 110-year-old bridge in question and so the project did not need his sign-off, according to a local landscape architect who addressed the commission Monday night on behalf of the applicant. In fact, the bridge is owned “by nobody other than” Austin Furst of 590 Weed St., Keith Simpson of Simpson Associates said during the commission’s regular meeting, held at Town Hall. “But because the neighbor [Kingsley] was rather insistent that he did, we carried the meeting forward and then found out from the surveyors that, in fact, he had been informed a week before by them that he did not own any portion of the bridge, so I am sort of puzzled that he would tell the commission that he still thought he did,” Simpson said. Continue Reading →

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‘We Are Encountering Some Really Rather Peculiar Hostility’: Neighbors Petition for Public Hearing on Weed Street Inland Wetlands Application

Neighbors of a Weed Street homeowner have petitioned town officials to hold a public hearing for what appears to be a straightforward application to repair part of a driveway where it spans a small stream. If the neighbors in the case of the project planned at 590 Weed St. had come forward with genuine, relevant concerns regarding how the proposed work would affect their own properties, landscape architect Keith Simpson said that he would be “totally understanding.”

“But we have a very hostile law firm representing neighbors, writing and claiming things about this application which, quite frankly, have nothing to do with this application,” Simpson, representing the applicant, told members of the Inland Wetlands Commission during a special meeting, held Monday at Town Hall. “We are encountering some really rather peculiar hostility to this application and some claims which don’t even relate to the jurisdiction of the commission.”

It isn’t clear just what those claims are. Town officials last week received a petition with 42 signatures—said to total 65 by the time of Monday’s meeting—from a Stamford-based attorney. Continue Reading →

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Town Body Seeks Meeting With Landscaper Who Violated Environmental Regulations

Members of the volunteer group responsible for enforcing regulations that govern some of New Canaan’s most sensitive environmental habitats are seeking a meeting with an area landscaper who cleared a large wetlands area on Old Stamford Road. If Mount Kisco, N.Y.-based landscaper Mike Nolan “had disappeared from the face of New Canaan, that would be one thing,” Inland Wetlands Commission Secretary Angela James said during the group’s most recent regular meeting. “But my fear is that he is still operating in New Canaan and could quite easily do something similar on another property,” she said at the Dec. 21 meeting, held in the Town Meeting Room. Specifically, Nolan appears to have violated New Canaan’s Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations at 279 Old Stamford Road —as well as a conservation easement for the property, which noted “no disturbance, no maintenance, no planting” there—in clearing out vegetation from a large area. Continue Reading →

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