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Town Starts Allocation of Funds for Denser Redesign of Canaan Parish Affordable Housing Complex

Officials on Tuesday took a step toward securing four additional years of relief from a widely criticized state law that allows developers to skirt local planning decisions in towns such as New Canaan, where a low percentage of all housing stock qualifies as “affordable” under the state’s narrow definition. The Board of Selectmen voted 2-0 to approve $170,000 to be transferred from a specially designated town fund to the New Canaan Housing Authority. That agency is working with Canaan Parish, a Section 8 housing complex at Lakeview Avenue and Route 123, on plans to redevelop the apartments there with greater density in order to better use the land there and help New Canaan achieve a second four-year “moratorium” under the state law. Early-stage plans call for the 60-unit development to get to about 100 total units, Housing Authority Board Secretary Bernard Simpkin told the selectmen at their regular meeting, held in Town Hall. “We’ve already chosen an architect and now the next stage is doing the design, the engineering and all those things,” Simpkin said. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Rob Fryer for Town Treasurer

Experience, accountability and commitment—this is what we will get when we elect Rob Fryer for Town Treasurer. Rob has had 45 years of experience as a CPA 34 of which was as a partner at Deloitte. Rob retired a few years ago and still provides financial advice to some major corporations. He also provides his skills to The New Canaan Community Foundation and The New Canaan Land Trust. His effort will make certain that our financial controls are strong and our records are in order. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Liz Gores Donovan for Town Council

I am supporting Liz Gores Donovan for Town Council. She is highly qualified and can help preserve the unique character of New Canaan providing leadership to guide our town into the future. Liz has the skills that will be valuable such as technology and telecommunications. She was born in New Canaan, to a prominent family, and has lived here much of her life. Liz is the youngest daughter of the famed architect Landis Gores, one of the famed Harvard Five. Continue Reading →

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‘We Felt That It Was Not Humane’: Housing Authority Rescinds ‘Declawing’ Requirement for Residents’ Cats

Responding to concerns from animal welfare advocates, officials from the New Canaan Housing Authority say they’re moving away from a requirement that residents of affordable rental units at Millport Avenue have their cats “declawed.”

Banned in many countries, declawing typically involves amputating the last bone of each toe on a cat—the equivalent of cutting off each finger at the last knuckle on a person, according to the Humane Society of the United States. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

The Summer Theatre of New Canaan kicked off its 2016 season on Friday evening with a Broadway Stars gala featuring Tony Award winner Kelli O’Hara, held at the Woodway Country Club. O’Hara was joined by fellow Broadway stars David Friedman, Robin de Jesus, Janelle Robinson, Jodi Stevens and Chip Zien. Scroll through the gallery above for images from the evening, including performances. ***

We’re hearing that Democratic Registrar of Voters George Cody won backing from New Canaan Democrats at Tuesday evening’s caucus, held at Town Hall. For the first time since his election to the office in 1994, Cody this time faced a challenger for the position, from fellow New Canaanite Bernard Simpkin. Continue Reading →

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