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‘I Do Not Understand’: Citing Coach’s Drug Arrest, Resident Seeks Info from Board of Ed on Allowing Police K-9 Dog in NCHS

Citing the recent arrest of a New Canaan High School coach after authorities found him to be in possession of 20 bags of heroin, a prominent resident on Monday night urged district officials to rethink their policy on K-9 sweeps at the Farm Road building. Chris Hussey told members of the Board of Education at their regular meeting (see video above at 2:30) that she learned about one year ago that in order for the New Canaan Police Department’s K-9 dog to come to the school, “they had to give the school notification.”

“I said I didn’t understand that,” Hussey said at the school board meeting, held in the Wagner Room at NCHS. “The idea, i would think, is surprise. He [Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi] was going to speak to the chief and get back to me. We never got together. Continue Reading →

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Town Council Unanimously Approves $151 Million Town Budget

After months of intense negotiations, the 2018-2019 New Canaan town budget is finally a done deal. The New Canaan Town Council on Thursday unanimously approved a total town operating budget of $150,939,170, an increase of 1.89 percent, or $2,794,676 compared with the current budget of $148,144,503. This includes a town budget of $39,698,537, representing an increase of 1.33 percent or $522,184, and Board of Education budget of $89,763,487, representing an increase of 2.45 percent or $2,145,082, plus capital expenditures and debt service. The total amount to be collected via taxation is $139,395,729, which represents an increase of 2.08 percent compared with the current collection figure of $136,611,378. This means taxpayers are in effect facing a 2.08% percent budget hike in the coming fiscal year. Continue Reading →

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Board of Ed To Form Its Own ‘Headquarters Committee’ To Study, Recommend Future Location

The Board of Education on Monday moved toward forming a new subcommittee that will be charged with researching and making recommendations about a future location for New Canaan Public Schools’ offices. Composed of three or more school board members, the ‘BOE Headquarters Special Committee’ will work with architects and builders, investigate the needs and uses of similar “high performing district” BOE headquarters and “review past facilities studies performed for the New Canaan Public Schools,” according to a description that the Board of Ed reviewed at its regular meeting on Monday night. School board member Brendan Hayes said that as municipal officials think about what to do with town-owned buildings “and the number of possible locations of the Board of Ed, it makes a ton of sense for us to study it and really outline for the town as far as space goes and the type of space and access and things like that.”

“And really work with town collaboratively to make sure that if there is an opportunity to save money through relocating the Board of Ed offices that we take that opportunity,” Hayes said during the meeting, held in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School. It isn’t clear which board members will serve on the committee. The Board of Ed read through a description and Chair Dionna Carlson said the group could take up a formal vote to form the committee at its next meeting. Continue Reading →

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Board of Ed Votes 9-0 To Reduce Student Instructional Days by One To Preserve Friday, June 22 Last Day of School

As the wiggle room for preserving a family plan-friendly academic calendar fades with each successive snow storm, the Board of Education on Monday night voted unanimously to reduce the number of student instructional days for this academic year from 182 to 181. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi advised the school board to do so, rather than push back the last day of school for students from Friday, June 22 to Monday, June 25. The March 13 school cancellation—the sixth of the year—pushed the Board of Ed into a position where the district was in conflict with its own policy on the last day of school. By policy, that last day can be no later than the third full week in June—in this year’s calendar, that’s Friday, June 22. Yet with the cancellations, that date now represents the 181st day of school for students. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

The town on Feb. 27 received an application to build Merritt Village, the 110-unit complex on the Maple and Park Streets block at the edge of downtown New Canaan, approved in November 2016 by the Planning & Zoning Commission. The application calls for four multi-family residential buildings with 167,746 gross square feet and a combination of underground and surface parking. ***

And now, a photo of Parking Enforcement Officer Mike McCargo with New Canaan’s Lummi Roscoe, a Pomeranian. ***

The Board of Finance on Thursday night voted unanimously to approve a town-wide budget for next fiscal year of $150.9 million—an overall increase of 1.89 percent—including a Board of Education operating budget of $89.7 million. Continue Reading →

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