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Selectman Votes Against Natural Gas Deal, Citing Environmentalist Concerns

Describing herself as a strong environmentalist, Selectman Beth Jones on Tuesday declined to support the town’s long-awaited agreement with the utility company to bring natural gas to New Canaan. Casting a lone dissenting vote on the Board of Selectmen and saying the town should invest instead in renewable energy, Jones during the group’s regular meeting said she was “worried for the communities where the fracking is happening.”

“You can have a ‘NIMBY’ attitude about it and say it won’t affect us in New Canaan, but it affects others,” Jones said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. She referred to a plan that will bring natural gas from Route 106 in Stamford up through South Avenue. First Selectman Rob Mallozzi and Selectman Nick Williams voted in favor of the approval. According to Jones, both Maryland and New York have banned fracking, due in part to debates over how to dispose of waste. Continue Reading →

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Selectmen Hear Recommendation for $20,000 Salary for Town Treasurer

Members of a municipal government subcommittee advocating for a $20,000 salary for the salary of the town treasurer said this week that the substantial pay increase could, in fact, save New Canaan money. According to Town Council member Kathleen Corbet, who serves on the legislative body’s Subcommittee for General Government and Finance, “with responsible, fair compensation for the town treasurer,” New canaan could “rely on them to do some of the functions that are being paid for on an internal audit function, which is an outsource function.”

“This committee is really all about savings for the town,” Corbet told members of the Board of Selectmen during their July 11 regular meeting, held at Town Hall. “We had the benefit of working with the Board of Education to find cost savings in health insurance, and we did that. We saved over $200,000. We’re not doing this for political attribution, but for saving money for the town.”

This recommendation comes after an extensive study of the salaries of town treasurers in 22 neighboring towns and cities, with respect to their respective budgets and duties, according to Corbet. Continue Reading →

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Letter: New Canaan Needs Change

We have been residents of New Canaan since 2013 and have been very active in the community with two children in the New Canaan public schools, volunteering time for many organizations including the West School PTC, Cub Scouts, Meals on Wheels and St. Aloysius and financial support for many others. As many of you, our largest personal investment is our home in New Canaan. Although we do not have 20 years of history in this town we don’t need those years of experience to recognize a recurring theme with the current First Selectman Rob Mallozzi and Selectman Nick Williams—a lack of leadership in our town government and unwillingness to take positions on critical issues facing New Canaan. Saxe Middle School Expansion: this accomplishment does not belong to the first selectman or the selectman although it is touted as a key accomplishment. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

Jeff Immelt, chairman of the board at General Electric and the company’s CEO (through next month), sold his New Canaan home for $4 million, according to a property transfer logged Wednesday at the Town Clerk’s office. He had purchased a new 10,000-square-foot Colonial on West Road in 2001. ***

A little dog who resides on Old Stamford Road got off-property when someone left a gate open and he found his way to Waveny Pool on a hot and humid day this week. The Havanese mix called ‘Pepe,’ approximately four years old, turned up at the town facility around 11:08 a.m. on Monday, June 19. The pool supervisor contacted police and an owner was located. Continue Reading →

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‘We Strive To Hire the Absolute Best’: New Canaan Police Department Poised To Add Fourth Female Officer to Its Ranks

Town officials on Tuesday started the hiring process for the New Canaan Police Department to take on a 28-year-old Stamford woman as its newest officer. The Board of Selectmen’s 3-0 vote in favor of the classification and compensation for Nicole Vartuli clears the way for the department to hire its fourth female uniformed officer, officials said. Vartuli, who underwent intense testing, was selected from a pool of 114 candidates, and the department is thrilled that such a decision improves the diversity of their officers, according to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski. “We strive to hire the absolute best person, and when it turns out to help diversity it is a great victory,” Krolikowski said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. He added: “It’s a very competitive market, and Stamford was actually on the cusp of hiring her, so we’re lucky that we got her.”

Vartuli has a degree in accounting, and was previously employed by the Stamford Police Department as a financial clerk, the chief said. Continue Reading →

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