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First Selectman: Police, Board of Ed Doing ‘Walkthroughs’ at Elm Street Office Building

New Canaan Police on Monday walked through the Elm Street office building that’s the town’s highest elected official has said could serve as a future department headquarters, and the Board of Education is slated to do its own walkthrough there during the first week of September, officials said Tuesday. First Selectman Kevin Moynihan has developed and championed the idea of New Canaan purchasing the 28,000-square-foot “Covia” building at the corner of Elm and Grove Streets as a future home for both the police and school district’s administrative offices—a move that would be financially feasible, he has said, if the current NCPD building on South Avenue could be sold to a developer who would preserve the historic structure, possibly for conversion to senior housing. “We are going to evaluate,” Moynihan said of the town’s hard look at the Covia building during a regular meeting of the Board fo Selectmen. “Assuming the conclusion is it works for the police and that the Board fo Ed believes it works for them, we would then during September do the financial analysis as to whether we want to recommend that choice as opposed to renovating [the current police headquarters],” Moynihan said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. “A lot of that will depend on what we can do with the South Avenue building, because the net cost would be substantially less than renovating the police building for that purpose. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

The pre-American Revolution era White Oak Shade Road home that made headlines recently when its new owners started to demolish part of it without a permit—then claimed it was a misunderstanding, only to raze the whole structure—is back on social media. The owners posted on Facebook Marketplace that they’re selling the “antique original beams” from the antique house ($150 apiece). On July 13 they applied to the New Canaan Building Department for a permit on an estimated $280,000 job that will include “alteration of first and second floor of existing foundation walls” and “adding four bedrooms and 4.5 baths.”


Police on Tuesday picked up what they described as a sad-looking, lethargic crow sitting on Elm Street. Officer Allyson Halm of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section said a veterinarian who examined the bird found nothing physically wrong with it, though officials with Wildlife In Crisis said the crow most likely was suffering from West Nile Virus. ***

Congratulations to Selectman Kit Devereaux on the birth of her first grandchild. 

William Fielding Colestock entered the world July 18, born to Devereaux’s daughter Anne Devereaux (Geitz) Colestock and Mac Colestock. Continue Reading →

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First Selectman: Town May Need To Help Fund Purchase of Antique Valley Road House

New Canaan taxpayers may need to help fund the purchase of a Valley Road parcel that includes a well-known 18th Century house, the town’s highest elected official said this week. Owned by the First Taxing District of Norwalk Water Department, the red-painted house by the Grupes Reservoir at 1124 Valley Road and 4-acre property it sits on for years has been intently pursued by preservationists and open space advocates in New Canaan. During a discussion Tuesday about New Canaan’s need to decide just which old buildings in town it wants to save, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan noted that the New Canaan Land Trust has offered $1.2 toward acquiring the property. “I am still working aggressively to try to save the ‘Grupes House’ on Valley Road,” Moynihan said during a regular meeting of the Board of Selectmen, held at Town Hall. “That may require some town funding, if we are going to participate with partners who are putting up over $1 million to try to preserve that, really one of oldest houses in New Canaan.”

Long aware of the property, which abuts the the 10.3-acre Browne Wildlife Sanctuary, Land Trust officials and preservationists have been trying to figure out a way to acquire and protect the property since it hit the market three years ago at $2.25 million. Continue Reading →

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First Selectman Dismisses Last-Minute Proposal To Preserve ‘Mead Park Brick Barn’

New Canaan’s highest elected official said Tuesday that he’s rejected a proposal from a local organization seeking to preserve a brick structure on Richmond Hill Road that’s slated for demolition. According to First Selectman Kevin Moynihan, members of the New Canaan Preservation Alliance approached him this week with a plan to lease the “Mead Park Brick Barn” or “Richmond Hill Garage” for $1 per year for 99 years “and that they go out and find government funding to restore the building for some purpose.”

“And they would find a tenant,” Moynihan told fellow members of the Board of Selectmen during the group’s regular meeting, held at Town Hall. 

“I don’t find this to be a credible proposal. The Preservation Alliance is really an advocacy group as opposed to a partner like the Waveny [Park] Conservancy or Athletic Foundation or Land Trust, where people have raised substantial funds to co-partner with the town on the project. So I do not think there is much reliability here to work with them on the basis of turning the building over to them to seek government grants.”

His comments came during a discussion of general matters at the selectmen meeting. The NCPA representatives involved could not be reached for comment. Continue Reading →

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‘Pop Up Park’ Nixed for 2018; Volunteers Cite Selectmen Conditions as Unworkable

Noting that the Pop Up Park’s volunteer organizers had failed to obtain insurance, a sponsor or Special Events permit to operate the makeshift gathering space downtown—conditions laid out last month—members of the Police Commission on Wednesday night withdrew their approval of a necessary street closure for the park. Though the Board of Selectmen this month granted conditional approval for a three-week run, those who operate it came to find that the sponsors they found were “not excited about the new conditions” attached to it, according to Barbara Wilson, a member of the volunteer Pop Up Park committee. “All of our sponsors have withdrawn because they did not feel the items that we had to address and accept were in their best interests,” Wilson told members of the Police Commission at their regular meeting. “So we don’t have any sponsors. Additionally, the sponsor we had that was going to pay for insurance has withdrawn after talking with legal counsel. Continue Reading →

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