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New Canaan’s Christmas Eve Caroling on God’s Acre: Video & Photos

2015 marked the 100th time New Canaanites have sung carols on God’s Acre, a treasured tradition here in town since 1916 when the Civic League sponsored the town’s first caroling. Here is a video of the 2015 carolers singing “Silent Night” accompanied by the New Canaan Town Band.

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Christmas Eve Caroling At God’s Acre: Song List and Lyrics

Christmas caroling at God’s Acre—a beloved local tradition that dates back to 1916 and was started by the Civic League, according to the historical record—will start at 6:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve. What follows is a lyrics list and order of songs, from the terrific New Canaan Town Band, which will lead the festivities. We’re publishing the lyrics of the eight songs here—as tradition has it, the community will save “Jingle Bells” for last—for those who wish to use their wireless devices to follow and sing along. God’s Acre holds a strong, steady 3G/4G wireless signal as well as one of the strongest Optimum WiFi signals in town (password needed). Happy Christmas and happy caroling to all:


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‘A Sacred and Treasured New Canaan Tradition’: A History of Christmas Caroling at God’s Acre

Caroling at God’s Acre for Christmas is one of New Canaan’s most cherished events of the year, a nostalgic, Rockwellian gathering that brings the community together unlike any other celebration. New Canaan First Selectman Rob Mallozzi called it a “sacred and treasured New Canaan tradition.” “It’s something that distinguishes New Canaan and its citizens above all the other towns around us,” he told Held on the plot of land above which the Congregational Church was built—the institution upon which the town was founded, the caroling sees scores of New Canaanites descend each year on what literally is hallowed ground, as it is believed many of New Canaan’s settlers are still buried at God’s Acre. But how did it start, and when? Continue Reading →

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Police Chief Urges Safety for New Canaanites Driving, Walking in Town for Christmas Eve Caroling

On the heels of a car vs. pedestrian accident on Park Street in similarly rainy evening weather, New Canaan’s police chief is calling for participants in Wednesday’s caroling at God’s Acre to be safe. The town, police department, DPW Highway Department, CERT and Fire Department all will enforce “increased traffic control measures” for the caroling, which starts at 6:30 p.m., Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said in a press release. “Increased lighting, messaging, and other enhanced measures will better manage both vehicular and pedestrian traffic,” he said. “Motorists that are not attending this event should avoid the Park Street, Main Street, Saint John’s Place and God’s Acre area,” the chief said. Continue Reading →

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