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Op-Ed: Restoring Yankee Thrift

The state of Connecticut is broke. This is despite its status as America’s wealthiest and most educated state. Our government is the least popular in the country for good reason: it repeatedly hiked taxes and wasted so much money that we’re unprepared for the next recession. The Dan Malloy Democrats let the government unions pillage the state. The have run out of money in Hartford; now they are coming to loot New Canaan by transferring their liabilities to us. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Rich Townsend for New Canaan Town Council

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Rich Townsend for Town Council. In the first debate, he clearly voiced his priorities to protect what is most valuable about New Canaan—from our property values, to strong schools and commuter convenience. He has been deeply committed to our community for decades. That commitment included an extremely high level of generosity of time and energy as a father, grandfather, churchgoer, and volunteer. From studying in the classrooms of Stanford as a student to presenting in the boardroom as the CFO of a major company, he knows how to listen, learn, and lead. Continue Reading →

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