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Letter: Grace Farms ‘Enriches Our Community’

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my appreciation and support of a New Canaan community asset, Grace Farms. Grace Farms run by the Grace Farms Foundation has multiple functions: including community and religious. This year I had the opportunity to become better acquainted with Grace Farms, when as a board member of a local community organization I was able to hold a meeting for our members in its West Barn Hall. The staff at Grace Farms is highly professional and at all times exhibit the utmost concern for their operations and any events they host. Our group was very made to feel welcome and well taken care of. In addition, I am very impressed by the commitment of the Grace Farms Foundation to the preservation of the environment. Continue Reading →

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Letter: New Canaan’s Help in the Land Trust’s ‘Fowler’ Property Purchase Would Benefit All

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my support of the acquisition of the Fowler Property by the New Canaan Land Trust. By adding this parcel to adjoining nature preserve, residents on the east side of our town can enjoy passive recreation and active appreciation of the beautiful nature in our area. Preserving open space in New Canaan adds to everyone’s property values. Improving opportunities for walking in the natural world makes our town more attractive to future residents. In addition, preserving open space retains habitat for wildlife, assists with wetlands and watershed preservation and helps with carbon capturing so essential in our changing climate. Continue Reading →

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Letter: ‘Rush To Judgment’ on Future of Outback Building

Dear Editor,

I am concerned that a rush to judgment has been made over the building behind Town Hall formerly know as the Outback Teen Center. While I am not qualified to assess the building, I find it astounding to learn that it has experienced such a dramatic decline over a short period. I believe the public needs a more detailed explanation of its condition before the drastic step is made to tear it down. Over 15 years ago, 1,000 individual gifts in excess of $2.2 million were made to construct the Outback. Its Board of Directors successfully operated it as a private non-profit entity to benefit New Canaan’s teenagers with activities “by teens and for teens” deemed to provide young people with independence and positive self-worth. Continue Reading →

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Outback Board Unknowingly Alerted in 2007-08 To What Became ‘Potentially Disastrous’ Structural Danger at Teen Center

A former board president of New Canaan’s defunct teen center said Tuesday morning that the organization’s directors had learned through a study conducted as early as 2007 of a “hinge effect” in the building’s second floor—a part of the Outback’s design and construction that professional engineers now describe as unsafe for the young people it had been built to serve. (more…) Continue Reading →

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