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Disturbing Details of Prior Arrest Emerge for Female Cyclist Charged with Assaulting New Canaan Police Officer

The 37-year-old woman charged last week for assaulting a New Canaan police officer—her second arrest here since September—had already had a violent and profanity-laden clash with residents and law enforcement officials in Darien last month, police records show. Adaoibi Kurylov on the evening of Dec. 11 knocked down an 82-year-old man following an accident in Darien, severely fracturing his hip, then told responding officials that she hoped he would die and that the police are “corrupt and ‘pieces of shit,’ ” according to an incident report. The events unfolded after 5 p.m. that Monday on Hollow Tree Ridge Road, just west of the main entrance to Wee Burn Country Club, according to the Darien Police Department report. The 82-year-old man, a retired doctor, was driving when he struck the rear tire of Kurylov’s bike, the report said. Continue Reading →

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Court Documents: After New Canaan Dog Died in His Care, Darien Man Lied to Animal’s Owner, Veterinarians and Police

Dogs boarded at Terry’s House of Pets in Darien were often kept locked in a motor vehicle while the business’s owner ran errands, were forced to compete for food tossed onto an unsanitary garage floor—in a room that was not climate controlled—and the animals never were let outside for fresh air or exercise, according to court documents. When a young golden retriever died in his care in July—likely from exposure to extreme heat—the owner of the Hoyt Street business, Terry Burns, appears to have lied to the dog’s New Canaan owner as well as to emergency veterinary workers and police, according to an arrest warrant application from Darien Police Officer Richard Flood. Though Burns told the staff at Norwalk’s VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center that the dog, Betsy, had “collapsed suddenly after playing outdoors,” that “did not make sense,” according to the testimony of vets cited by Flood in his application, signed by Stamford Superior Court Judge John Blawie. “Evidence indicates this golden retriever died of heat stroke, some time before arriving deceased at the emergency hospital,” it said. Burns, 44, who lives at the 259 Hoyt St. Continue Reading →

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Police Release New Information on New Canaan Girl, 18, Intoxicated at Darien High School

Darien police on Monday said the 18-year-old girl involved in a heavy drinking session among some student attendees of a high school lacrosse game is a New Canaan resident who had to be brought to the hospital. At about 2 p.m., officers working on a traffic and security detail Darien High School for a Blue Wave-Rams rival lax game were dispatched to the female bathroom at a concession stand, according to a police report obtained by Darienite.com. There, officers found people trying to help the teen in a bathroom stall, the report said. She appeared to be severely drunk, had vomited and seemed to be passed out, the report said. Police officers revived the girl and carried her out of the bathroom, then contacted Darien EMS-Post 53, which took her to Stamford Hospital, it said. Continue Reading →

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Door Removed Monday from New Canaan Man’s Honda Parked in Noroton Heights Train Station Lot

The driver’s side rear door on a New Canaan man’s Honda went missing some time Monday from the Noroton Heights Railroad Station in Darien, officials said. The theft included removing the door from its hinges on a 2015 Honda Accord and appears to have been done in the open, between 6 a.m. and 3:07 p.m. on Feb. 15, Darien Police told Darienite.com. A DPW worker in Darien spotted the vandalized vehicle, according to police. Parked by its owner, a New Canaan man headed for New York City, the car was on the south side of the tracks, not far from Hollow Tree Ridge Road and near some stairs by the platform. Continue Reading →

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