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Attorney: Further Investigation Needed in Case of New Canaan Father Arrested after Youth Drinking Party

The New Canaan family facing criminal charges following an underage drinking party at their Oenoke Ridge Road home cooperated fully with police on the night of the incident and afterwards, according to an attorney representing the father arrested in the case. New Canaan-based attorney Matthew Maddox said that Douglas Knight, 59, and his family allowed police into their home on March 25 to capture photographs and video at the scene. The Knights “even offered to provide their own camera to police when the police camera was on the fritz,” Maddox told “This is a really complicated case with an unusually large number of witnesses interviewed, statements taken. But there remains other investigation that the defense is undertaking and that in due diligence I have to undertake for my work. Continue Reading →

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‘I Don’t Want Cops in My House’: Interfering Charge for New Canaan Man, 59, in Oenoke Ridge Underage Drinking Party Case; Felony Charge for Teenage Son

A 17-year-old boy lay seriously injured and unconscious for nearly 40 minutes in the basement of an Oenoke Ridge Road home, bleeding from his ear, before emergency responders were called, partly because the father of the teen who was hosting the underage drinking party where he’d fallen insisted that nobody phone police about it, officials say. Douglas Knight, 59, on Thursday turned himself in on the misdemeanor charge of interfering with an emergency call in connection with the March 25 party, according to a police report. Though the Knight parents were not at home that Saturday night, they kept the injured boy’s parents in the dark about his injuries for a critical period of time and instructed their own son as well as others in the house not to call 9-1-1, according to an arrest warrant application from New Canaan Police Sgt. Peter Condos of the department’s Investigative Section. Ultimately, the father of a girl who attended the party phoned 9-1-1 himself after learning from her what was happening, Condos said in his sworn affidavit. Continue Reading →

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