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Letter: John Engel for Town Council

Dear NewCanaanite Editor,

I am a 25 year resident of New Canaan. I love my town. My wife Jeanette and I call it home. It is the only place my four kids have ever lived, until my oldest found his first job out of college two years ago. Because I care so deeply for New Canaan is why I am writing this email in support of John Engel for Town Council. I got to know John about two years ago when I became more active in town. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Andrew Brooks for Treasurer

As a practicing Certified Public Accountant over the past 40 years with the Big Four Accounting firms, a major international financial conglomerate and founder of my Certified Public Accounting firm in 1987, which firm is a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and quality reviewed by the AICPA National Peer Review Division I can accurately and with industry knowledge attest to the outstanding performance of New Canaan’s current Treasurer Andrew Brooks. I have also functioned as treasurer of many not for profit organizations and currently serve as the Treasurer for the Greenwich Council of the Boy Scouts of America. That said, I can conclude that you do not need to be a Certified Public Accountant to function as treasurer for our municipality. The prerequisites necessary for performance in the treasury function are actual treasury experience in cash management and asset management and training in the treasury function. Andrew Brooks has received this necessary training at the international accounting firm of Deloitte Touche LLP and at his current position at Accenture. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Supporting Liz Donovan for Town Council

Dear Editor,

I endorse Liz Donovan for the Town Council not due to a longtime friendship, business association, or any other personal interests. I only know Ms. Donovan due to our mutual involvement in Togetherhood, a New Canaan YMCA volunteer organization. Togetherhood’s monthly 7 pm meetings became 7:15 pm meetings when Liz joined two years ago. That is the price one pays when one gets home from a long day of work, and gives her diabetic cat its nightly insulin shot. For Liz to time her appointments to the minute is no surprise, if you pay attention to her background and schedule. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Rich Townsend for Town Council

I am writing in support of Rich Townsend for Town Council. I have had the pleasure to know Rich for six years as a responsible community supporter, successful businessman, a passionate, intelligent, and humble leader. Throughout his 30 years in New Canaan, Rich has earned the respect and support of many town constituents. He has a common-sense approach that is supported by research and facts. Rich is committed to protecting our property values, and is focused on what matters. Continue Reading →

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