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Two J. Crew Employees Appeal Parking Violations

New Canaan’s Parking Commission voted at its most recent meeting to either uphold or void recent parking violation fines issued to two employees of J. Crew after one woman claimed that the parking machine wasn’t functioning properly, while the other claimed that her violation was an “honest mistake.”

Martha Small told the volunteer commission that prior to her shift at the Elm Street retailer, she drove up to a parking machine at Morse Court at around 1 p.m. and paid for time with her credit card, but didn’t receive a ticket. She said she noticed that tickets were being printed out at the adjacent machine, but figured that her transaction was completed anyway. “This has happened [to me] before, but I’ve always been able to check my credit card or my cell phone [to confirm the transaction], but I was in a hurry and there was a line, so I went on into the store,” Small said at the May 11 hearing, held at Town Hall. She continued: “I was going to check my cell phone after I punched in at work, but then I discovered that I didn’t have my cell phone that day. So, I just sort of convinced myself that it would probably work like it usually does, and I even spotted [officers] out there at around 1:30 or so checking tickets, but I didn’t even worry about it.”

Small then said that when she went out to pay another $2 to keep her parking space, she accidently entered the wrong parking space number into the machine. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Woman Loses Parking Appeal Following Dinner Date Disaster

New Canaan’s Parking Commission upheld $95 in parking tickets issued to a town woman who claimed that she had been unable to retrieve her car, which was parked on Forest Street overnight at the instruction of local police officers, due to a lack of money and transportation. Sheryl Moroch told the volunteer commission during its May 11 meeting that she was having dinner with a companion at Tequila Mockingbird on March 29 when her date had to leave abruptly. She said that she was wearing heels that night, which is rare for her because of previous knee and ankle injuries, and as she was leaving, she slipped and fell on the sidewalk. “Someone witnessed [the fall] and called the police and they said, ‘I think someone’s intoxicated’ and by the time I got to the car, I was sopping wet and it was really coming down and I just wanted to get to my vehicle,” she said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. Moroch went on to explain that before she fell, she only had two glasses of wine with dinner that evening and although she didn’t believe she was intoxicated, she had already made the decision to call her 19-year-old son to pick her up because she’s afraid of driving in heavy rain. Continue Reading →

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Town To Offer New ‘Commercial Permit’ Parking in Morse Court, Park Street Lots for Downtown Workers

In what parking officials are calling an experiment, the town plans to sell up to 20 “commercial permits” for each of the Morse Court and Park Street lots to people who work in the business district. It isn’t clear just when the Parking Bureau will start selling the new permits or how the Parking Bureau will prioritize their availability, officials said Tuesday. Designed to serve business owners and workers who otherwise take up coveted short-term parking spots on Main and Elm Streets that rightly should go to people who shop and dine downtown, the permits should be made available when the new fiscal year starts July 1, according to Parking Superintendent Stacy Miltenberg. “We have not worked out how offer these new permit spots to employees of stores in town,” Miltenberg told the Board of Selectmen at its regular meeting, held in Town Hall. “At this point we are working through that, but we are going to have it set prior to the renewals that go out in May. Continue Reading →

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Prospect of Three-Level Deck at Locust Lot Emerges after Current Project’s Funding Is Cut from FY ‘18 Budget

After seeing its funding cut from next fiscal year’s budget, the proposed parking deck at Locust Avenue could come back to the town with a third level, officials said. Doing so would mean the economics of the project “get much better than they are right now,” according to Parking Commission Keith Richey. “The economics for that are kind of stretched, so you add another floor and at least 70 spots which you can say is entirely for commuter parking,” Richey said at the commission’s meeting Thursday, held at Town Hall. “So that is scratching my itch because of how high the Post Office now is, that you would not have to dig down that much because a three-story [deck] would still not be very high and if you are going to fight to death to get this thing done, would you not fight to get 150 extra spots rather than just 75 extra spots?”

Long a supporter of the decking at Locust Avenue, Richey on behalf of the Parking Commission expressed frustration that it has been put off further, calling the project “snakebit,” and said he learned of the possibility of a third tier for the deck from First Selectman Rob Mallozzi. Supported by the Board of Selectmen in its review of the town’s spending plan for fiscal year 2018, the $4,125,000 in bonding for the widely anticipated parking deck was cut by the Board of Finance. Continue Reading →

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Final Extension: Parking Officials Give Commuters Until Dec. 15 To Stay on Waiting Lists for Permits

Town officials will do two things to give New Canaan commuters who have lingered on parking permit waiting lists a fair shot to keep their places on line, while also respecting those who have already paid a new $10 fee to do so. The Parking Commission last week agreed to extend to Dec. 15 a deadline for filling out a form and submitting a $10 check to retain one’s spot on a waiting list, while those who conduct parking enforcement in New Canaan will place individual phone calls to commuters who so far have not responded to a letter describing the new fee. That’s a lot of phone calls—630 to be exact, according to Stacy Miltenberg, interim superintendent of the New Canaan Parking Bureau. The figure represents about half of the 1,281 motorists whose names currently appear on waiting lists for permits in the Lumberyard, Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill municipal lots. Continue Reading →

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