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Mallozzi: Search for Town’s New CFO Suspended Until After Election

Officials say they’ve suspended temporarily the search for New Canaan’s new finance director, so that the new first selectman can weigh in on the important decision. First Selectman Rob Mallozzi, who is not seeking a fourth term, said he feels “it would be much, much better for the next first selectman, whether that is Kit [Devereaux] or Kevin [Moynihan], to have direct input into the process and evaluation, and what they want to see in a CFO.”

A committee’s search for a permanent CFO will pick up again after the election in November, Mallozzi said. Human Resources Director Cheryl Pickering-Jones said the search committee—which includes members of the Board of Finance, Town Council and Audit Committee—received “plenty of resumes” in response to an initial call in May and that a candidates to be brought back in for a second interview “are on hold right now.”

“If the panel and Kit and Kevin were to meet, then maybe we would move it sooner, but that is where things are at this point,” she said. The Board of Selectmen at its regular meeting on Tuesday is scheduled to vote on extending the contract of current interim Finance Director Sandra Dennies by four months, through December. Asked about what he sees as necessary qualities for New Canaan’s next finance director, Moynihan said, “I would like to see a CPA, which is not a job requirement but I would like to see a CPA.”

Moynihan, a Republican, declined to speak further on the matter, saying there’s a process underway and that the extension of Dennies’ contract would not preclude the town making a decision sooner than November or December on a permanent CFO. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

Police and wildlife officials helped free a fawn that had become trapped last week between the metal poles of a fence in a Ramhorne Road yard. The New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section at 10:29 a.m. on July 17 responded to a report that an injured fawn was stuck inside a pool area at a residence there. The young deer clearly had been injured in some way and its hair could be seen on the poles of the fence, between which it had squeezed through to enter the yard, according to Officer Allyson Halm. When a landscaping professional showed up and frightened the animal, it became stuck again trying to get out. The fawn likely had entered the yard when it was younger and smaller, and tried to get back in by habit. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Calling for a Fresh Look at Municipal Spending

The foremost issue on most voters’ minds is the financial condition of New Canaan. Property owners feel the pinch of persistent tax increases in the face of lowered property values. With a nod to zero-based budgeting, let’s start by looking at our budgets item by item. In our current system, department managers defend their proposed percentage increases, rather than their proposed overall budgets. Let’s go back to the beginning and look at every item that comprises those budgets. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: First Selectman Candidate Kit Devereaux on Maintaining New Canaan’s ‘Physical Plant’

As the election field becomes more crowded, I wanted to take the opportunity to start a dialogue about one of the important issues facing New Canaan: the stewardship of New Canaan’s physical plant. For decades, New Canaan has failed to maintain its assets. And by ignoring routine maintenance, those issues, year-by-year, have and will become major projects, edging from the operating side of the budget over to the capital side. I realize that we have a superintendent of buildings; that the town will start using a sophisticated computer program for facility management, that we have a committee charged with the evaluation and use of town buildings. Some will say that we need to wait until the Town Building Evaluation and Use Committee has finished its work. Continue Reading →

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Republican Cristina A. Ross Enters New Canaan First Selectman Race

A third Republican on Monday threw her hat into the ring in what has become a highly competitive race to secure party backing for the town’s highest elected position. Cristina A. Ross, a New Canaan resident for 26 years, professional architect and Town Council member for two years who had spent 10 years on the Parks & Recreation Commission, announced her candidacy for first selectman during a press event at Town Hall. Saying her priority would be “strengthening the New Canaan community by establishing a framework for the delivery of services with full accountability and transparency as a method of doing business,” Ross said in a prepared statement that she would focus on boosting property sales by decking the parking lots at the Lumberyard and Talmadge Hill, controlling tax increases, bringing in natural gas and improving communications within town government. Asked about the last point specifically, Ross told “There is a lack of communication between the Board of Selectmen and town departments, whether that is the Town Council or P&Z and that has been voiced on different occasions by different people, that we are not included in some of the goals set and we hear about it when the time comes to vote on it and the decision is already made. Not being able to raise a voice and a concern and suggest alternatives is a detriment to the function of being a public official.”

She joins two fellow Republicans in seeking party backing at the July 18 caucus: First Selectman Rob Mallozzi announced in March that he will seek a fourth term in the office, and fellow town councilman Kevin Moyhihan on May 30 announced that he was running for first selectman. Continue Reading →

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