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‘The Whole Process Was Very Smooth’: Dredge for Pond at Lakeview Cemetery

A dredge of one of the ponds at Lakeview Cemetery is wrapping up, a project designed to improve aesthetics and to clear out muck that could lead to green algal blooms.

Launched in response to findings of excessive sedimentation and invasive species in the pond, the dredge represents an eco-friendly investment by the Cemetery Association itself in a property that is deeply important to residents. “Overall, the whole process was very smooth,” Lakeview Cemetery Superintendent Peter Passaro said. “It was a good experience.”

Approved by the town’s Inland Wetlands officials, the project saw in its first stage “suction dredging,” which involves pumping out sediment from the pond and now involves “geotextile tubes,” which replaces water that had been removed. According to the project proposal from Ridgefield-based Pristine Waters LLC: “We believe that [the Lakeview Cemetery] pond is a very good candidate for suction draining … to prevent the buildup of decomposed organic sediment (muck), which would overload the pond with phosphates that lead to greater algae growth. The pond that underwent dredging is in the southeast part of the property—past the veterans’ gravesite area. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

The town on June 15 received a “Notice of Deficit and Injury” filed on behalf of a local woman who suffered a “broken nose, severe head and facial contusions, abrasions, hematoma, bleeding in her eye [and] knee injury” because of a poorly maintained walkway out front of New Canaan High School. According to the notice—filed on behalf of a Parting Brook Road woman by Ridgefield-based Reilly Law Firm— a “protruding, bent, defective and uneven metal trim piece at the border of a paved walkway and grass outside the main entrance” amounts to a “defective sidewalk” that at about 6:45 p.m. on April 27 caused the woman to suffer “personal injuries,” presumably by falling down. The notice said the metal trim piece is located where red-colored paving stones meet grass, about 65 feet west of the building’s glass doors. ***

Police cited a 23-year-old Queens, N.Y. man for possession of less than .5 ounces of marijuana after an officer working at the main entrance to Waveny on South Avenue spotted him walking into the park for the fireworks on Tuesday with a joint tucked behind his ear. ***

The Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department at about 10:15 a.m. on June 28 responded to the New Canaan YMCA on a report that five or six sparrows were trapped inside the South Avenue facility’s new pool area. Continue Reading →

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‘There’s Not Enough Being Done’: New Canaan Scout, 15, Oversees Cleaning of Veterans’ Gravestones at Lakeview Cemetery

Elliott Ruoff, a 15-year-old soon-to-be sophomore at New Canaan High School, wanted to do something special for veterans for his Eagle Scout project. Standing near one veteran’s marker on a recent, hot and humid morning at Lakeview Cemetery, Ruoff gave his reasons for taking on the cleaning all of the veterans’ gravestones there. “There’s not enough being done to help them, in my opinion,” Ruoff said. “One of the main problems with this is that when we’re trying to find the stones, we can never find them because some of them are just so dirty that they’re unreadable.”

There are about 900 veterans buried in Lakeview Cemetery, according to Ruoff. Troop 70, the Boy Scouts troop to which he belongs, is responsible for marking those veterans’ stones with U.S. flags for Memorial Day and wreaths for Christmas every year. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Police Chief: Beware of Phony Solicitations for Veterans as Memorial Day Approaches

On May 30, Memorial Day, we honor those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for our great country. Memorial Day honors their service and sacrifice. Nearly 850 Veterans are buried in Lakeview Cemetery. As Memorial Day approaches, it’s a good time to remind the good and patriotic citizens of New Canaan to be aware of phony organizations who “solicit” on behalf of Veterans. Recently, Peter Langenus, the Commander of New Canaan’s Veterans of Foreign War Post 653 received a telephone call from a shopper who had been approached for a money donation in front of the Food Emporium. Continue Reading →

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Fox Disrupts New Canaan Woman’s Burial Site for Roadkill

Coming home from church on a Sunday morning three weeks ago, Eloise Killefer spotted a fox outside the gate of her house. “It was the most beautiful fox I had ever seen, and the only fox I had ever seen,” Killeffer said. The sighting didn’t register beyond that—not at first. A self-described animal lover, Killeffer has taken it upon herself to give roadkill a proper burial in the backyard of her house on the corner of Main and Oak Streets. “I have this thing about giving a proper burial to all of God’s little critters, I just think it is the right thing to do,” Killeffer said. Continue Reading →

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