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Commission Seeks Feedback On Cell Tower Proposal

New Canaan residents are invited to public hearing to be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday at Town Hall to share their views on a proposal from the Utilities Commission to install 110-foot tall cellular towers at Irwin Park and West School. For the past several years the Utilities Commission, under the direction of the Board of Selectmen, has been studying various approaches to improving wireless coverage in town. The northern sections of New Canaan, in particular the northwest quadrant, suffer from serious wireless coverage gaps—some as large as 10 square miles—due to the town’s unique topography. Not only is this an inconvenience for residents, it also presents a serious public safety risk, as the town’s police, fire and EMS services all rely on cellular technology for emergency communications. During Thursday’s Town Council meeting, Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said “there have been incidents in the past where people have tried to make 911 calls from the north section of town and have not been able to get through.” He said a few months ago, a tradesman who was working in the northwest corner of town seriously injured his leg and almost bled to death because he was unable to reach 911 using his cell phone. “There have also been incidents of motor vehicle accidents where people couldn’t get through,” Krolikowski told the council members, adding that people who have been in accidents have sometimes had to “drive toward town until they get a signal.”

Wendy Dixon Fog, captain of New Canaan EMS, added that emergency medical technicians rely on the cellular network to get data and information about patients while they are on scene or in transit. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief: Investigation into Oenoke Ridge Youth Party Nearing Conclusion, Discussion of Criminal Charges Underway

Authorities are nearing the end of their investigation into a youth party at an Oenoke Ridge Road home last month at which a juvenile male was seriously hurt, Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said Wednesday night. Asked to speak generally about criteria that officials use in deciding whether or not to bring criminal charges in such cases, the chief said, “It’s probable cause.”

“If we believe a crime has been committed then we apply for an arrest warrant for the offenders and the state’s attorney signs off on it or not,” Krolikowski said during the Police Commission’s meeting, held in the training room at NCPD. “But in a case like this we like to review all the facts beforehand with the state’s attorney so that we are all on the same page.”

Asked whether police had applied yet for an arrest warrant, he said: “Not yet, no, but that’s in the very near future.”

Police put out a public call for information about the March 25 party and received a “strong” response, Krolikowski said, though as with any major incident, “there were lots of rumors.”

“Many were unfounded,” the chief said. “There was some legitimacy to parts of the information we received and we had to compile it all. That is coming to a conclusion very soon, with a discussion with the state’s attorney about criminal charges.”

It isn’t clear whether police broke up the party, where it was, whether alcohol or drugs were involved, what was the nature of the young man’s injury, how old he is or how he was injured. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief: Would-Be Burglars Posing as ‘Workmen’ Target New Canaan Home

[Note: Police in a subsequent bulletin to local media said the workman in question contacted the department and explained that he had serviced this New Canaan home in the past and didn’t realize it had been sold to new owners.]

Following an incident reported at a Bittersweet Lane residence on Tuesday afternoon, police are urging residents to beware of fraudsters posing as workmen. At about 10 a.m., white men approximately 20 to 30 years old and driving a white pick-up truck rang the doorbell on a Bittersweet Lane home claiming they were to perform “basement maintenance work,” according to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski. A cleaning person at the residents didn’t let them in, he said, though the report of what likely was a burglary attempt means residents should be careful. “Several weeks ago, a jurisdiction that borders New Canaan warned residents to be wary of workmen posing as water company employees,” Krolikowski said in a news bulletin. “These fake workers are looking to burglarize homes while distracting residents.”

The scam typically involves a knock on the door to get into a house for what’s described by the perpetrators as a “water test” or something similar, the chief said. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Police Officer Owen Ochs Sworn In at Lapham

Police, friends and family gathered at Lapham Community Center on Friday morning for the swearing-in ceremony of the New Canaan Police Department’s newest officer, Owen Ochs. The 27-year-old Stamford residents emerged as a singularly “exceptional candidate” from a field of 114, Police Chief Leon Krolikowski told those gathered for the ceremony, officiated by Town Clerk Claudia Weber. “Today is a very special day that began months ago,” the chief said. He continued: “Many challenges and changes lie ahead for our department and our profession but with men like Owen joining our ranks, I see great success as we fulfill our mission to protect and serve the town of New Canaan.”

The chief welcomed Ochs’s family and thanked First Selectman Rob Mallozzi, Selectmen Beth Jones and Nick Williams as well as the Police Commission for their support and sign-off on the department’s newest officer. Ochs is expected to attend the Connecticut Police Academy next week with a tentative graduation date of Sept. Continue Reading →

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U.S. Army Combat Veteran To Join New Canaan Police Department’s Ranks

A 9-year U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan is poised to join the New Canaan Police Department as an entry-level officer. Following a 3-0 ‘yes’ vote Tuesday at the Board of Selectmen for his classification and pay, 27-year-old Owen Ochs will travel next month to train with the Connecticut Police Academy. Honorably discharged Jan. 23 from the Army as a staff sergeant who specialized in infantry, Ochs as the department’s 47th officer would bring NCPD to its full complement, according to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski. While serving, Ochs earned his associate’s degree in general studies from the American Military University, according to a biography supplied by police. Continue Reading →

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