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Police Chief: First-Ever ‘Diversionary Program’ for Underage Drinking Kids, Parents Went ‘Very Well’

New Canaan’s first ever “diversionary program” for underage drinkers—in which those found at a party with alcohol may attend an education session with their parents in lieu of facing criminal charges—went “very well,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said Wednesday. A group of local parents and their kids attended a 3-hour session last week in which the chief himself and an addiction psychiatrist “went through everything from alcohol use effects and binge drinking, how it affects potential substance abuse issues in the future,” Kroliowski told members of the Police Commission at their regular meeting. “We showed a film on binge drinking that resulted in death, and it was pretty compelling,” the chief said at the meeting, held at the New Canaan Police Department. “A lot of people, I think, were struck by that and hopefully it’s going to change the behavior and encourage people not to do some of the things we have been seeing in the past several months.”

Krolikowski first proposed the diversionary program about 18 months ago, garnering support from the state’s attorney and commissioners among other key officials. Parents and teens both face serious criminal consequences for providing alcohol to minors or, in the case of those underage, consuming it. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

A mother turkey hopped out into Valley Road around 12:30 p.m. on June 7 to keep at bay a town woman walking her dog up near the Grupes Reservoir. The mama turkey apparently was guarding her three baby chicks nearby—unfortunately, a passing motorist struck the big bird and killed her. The pedestrian phoned the Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department, and Officer Allyson Halm spotted the baby turkeys but lost them on retrieving a carrier from the van. ***

Congratulations to New Canaan resident Pasquale Poccia, who became a U.S. citizen this week after taking the Oath of Allegiance on Wednesday during the 6th annual Flag Day Naturalization Ceremony at Mystic Seaport. Poccia is owner of Pasquale’s Osteria, an Italian and International/Continental cuisine restaurant on Main Street in Norwalk. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief on Memorial Day: Honoring U.S. Military Veterans Who Gave Their Lives ‘For Our Great Country’

On May 29, Memorial Day, we honor those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for our great country. Memorial Day honors their service and sacrifice. Nearly 1,000 veterans are buried in Lakeview Cemetery. As Memorial Day approaches, it’s a good time to remind the good and patriotic citizens of New Canaan to be aware of phony organizations who “solicit” on behalf of veterans. In the past and just recently, Peter Langenus, the commander of New Canaan’s Veterans of Foreign War Post 653 received telephone calls from shoppers who had been approached for a money donations in front of ACME. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief: ‘We Are Making the Investigation of Youth Parties Where Alcohol and Drugs Are Consumed a Priority’

As parents, we worry constantly about our children’s safety, especially when they grow old enough to be influenced by friends, the media, the Internet and other adults. The State of Connecticut’s Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking estimates that high-school student drinkers consume 35 percent of all wine coolers and 1.1 billion cans of beer annually. Subsequent risks and effects of underage drinking include an increase in injuries and fatalities, sexual offenses, and youthful involvement with illegal drugs. The New Canaan Perspective

The media and some adults (including parents) regard drinking (and recently the use of marijuana) as an essential element of socializing. Additionally, some underage drinkers obtain alcohol from their parents, from their own homes or from other adults who legitimize alcohol consumption as a rite of passage for minors. Continue Reading →

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District Officials Worked Closely with Police Following Youth Party, Exercised Policies for Athletes

New Canaan Public Schools worked closely with police through the department’s recently concluded investigation into a youth drinking party in March, officials say, and suspensions for students involved followed the district’s established policies for athletes. In general, district officials including New Canaan High School’s athletic director and principal will speak to students on learning of such parties to “figure out what happened and then make decisions based on what we believe to be true and what our policies are,” according to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi. “We have been working with police and the police have been establishing a diversionary program,” Luizzi said, referring to an initiative developed by Police Chief Leon Krolikowski under which kids found with alcohol at youth parties are offered an educational program in lieu of a possession of alcohol by a minor criminal charge. Thanks in part to strong collaboration between the schools and police, students and families were offered the diversionary program and those eligible all chose to undergo it, Luizzi said. Krolikowski confirmed that the kids referred out of the March 25 underage drinking party on Oenoke Ridge Road will form the inaugural diversionary program class. Continue Reading →

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