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‘Drifting Silver Rain with Crackling Tail’: New Canaan Family Fourth Committee Eyes Even More Spectacular Fireworks Show at Waveny

Town officials this week approved a $30,000 contract with a Douglassville, Pa.-based pyrotechnic company to put on an even more spectacular fireworks show at the Waveny July 4th event this summer. The Family Fourth is paid for entirely out of private funds, raised mainly through sales of passes as well as generous donations. This year, the town is upping its contract between the recreation director and International Fireworks Mfg. Co. from $25,000 to $30,000—partly a step increase after the former price had been held for nearly 10 years, and partly because “we decided we wanted to add a few more things to the show and make it a more exciting show,” Recreation Director and Family Fourth Committee member Steve Benko told the Board of Selectmen at its regular meeting. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

The Planning & Zoning Commission during a special meeting on Monday night reviewed some 65 yet-to-be-released conditions that it is considering as part of an approval for the closely followed Merritt Village proposal. Though still in draft form and therefore not public, the approval P&Z discussed appears to land on 105 total units at the proposed development. The specter of an affordable housing application looms over the project, should property owner M2 Partners and the town fail to reach a compromise. During an interview after the P&Z meeting, New Canaan resident and would-be Merritt Village builder Arnold Karp said he and his partners “have sat through six months of hearings.”

“We went from 160 to 140 to 123 to 116 to get 105? That doesn’t sit that well with myself or my partners, because it’s way too arbitrary and capricious,” Karp told Continue Reading →

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VIDEO: New Canaan Family Fourth at Waveny

New Canaan Family Fourth 2016
Uploaded by Michael Dinan on 2016-07-05. Thousands of residents set up picnics, tossed frisbees, enjoyed live music from the venerable New Canaan Town Band and meandered about the town’s cherished Waveny Park on Monday for the 36th Annual Family Fourth. We tried to capture the popular annual event’s spirit in the video above—enjoy. Continue Reading →

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Fire Marshal Urges Fireworks Safety as Independence Day, New Canaan Family Fourth Near

With warm weather and family events, the Fourth of July can be a fun time with great memories. But before your family celebrates this year, the New Canaan Fire Marshal’s Office wishes to make sure everyone knows about fireworks safety:

Only sparklers and “shower” type fireworks are legal to sell and use in Connecticut. No aerial or exploding type fireworks are permitted to be sold or used in the state. (Go to the Family Fourth – you will see a tremendous professional show.)
Only persons 16 years and older may use the above fireworks. Always keep at least 30’ away from spectators and structures and strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Family Fourth: ‘Up To Everybody’ To Support This Year’s Fireworks at Waveny

The Family Fourth of July celebration at Waveny, one of New Canaan’s most cherished annual traditions, needs the assistance of the community in order to continue to be great each year, according to the volunteers who oversee it. Contrary to popular belief, the picnic and fireworks show is “funded entirely by the donations for passes,” according to Steve Benko, who sits on the Family Fourth Committee. “Whether you drive your car to the park or you walk in, we encourage everybody to buy a pass because it supports the fireworks,” Benko said. The fireworks themselves, as well as entertainment and logistical teams, are paid for out of a standalone fund, and the event is run by a volunteer committee. This year, food trucks also will sell food at the Family Fourth. Continue Reading →

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