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New Canaan Promotes ‘Tech-Free Family Time’ through ’30 Days of Family’

Town and local nonprofit officials are urging New Canaan families this month to unplug their mobile devices and spend more time communicating directly with each other. The Department of Human Services-led “30 Days of Family” initiative this year has taken up “tech-free family time” as its motto. Unplugging forces family members to talk to each other “with their voices and spend quality time making eye contact and practicing listening skills,” according to Jacqueline D’Louhy, the department’s coordinator of youth and family services. “Think about how much teens ‘talk’ to each other electronically,” D’Louhy said. “Sometimes they’ll be sitting in the same room but never utter a word to one another. Continue Reading →

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‘Wonderful, New, Highly Qualified’: Five New Faces at New Canaan Library

New Canaan Library Director Lisa Oldham said the organization has five “wonderful, new, highly qualified librarians and other staff” that have come on since October. Meet them below. According to Oldham, the library last year “lost some talented staff to retirement and incredible opportunities elsewhere.”

“We lost three people to the west coast,” she said. “Two to a startup and one to a big Washington state library. We have taken our time to find the very best people for the roles, because we are so committed to delivering excellent service to the people of New Canaan.”

We asked the new library employees to provide us with some basic information on their backgrounds, and to describe what they’re doing in their roles. Continue Reading →

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‘We Are Incredibly Thankful’: New Canaan Library Obtains Signed Contract on Key Property for Rebuilding Project

New Canaan Library officials said Tuesday that, thanks largely to demonstrated support from the town, the organization has a signed contract to purchase a key property on its block—an acquisition that allows the library to pursue a widely anticipated rebuilding project. Acquiring the .19-acre parcel at 48 South Ave., currently the site of a multifamily dwelling, is hugely important because setback regulations would have forced the library to put parking aboveground without it—spoiling a vista for motorists approaching downtown New Canaan by its major north-south artery and forcing the organization to shoehorn its new $25 million facility into a far smaller footprint. Making good on a promise to support the project, officials last week handed the library a $475,000 check to complete the $1,475,000 acquisition. “We are incredibly thankful to the town of New Canaan for this huge vote of confidence and this signal that the community is behind the library in building this new building,” New Canaan Library Executive Director Lisa Oldham said. The formal acquisition will allow the library to draw up renderings of the planned new facility and start fundraising in earnest—an effort that’s been on hold for more than one year, as negotiations with the owner of the coveted property got underway. Continue Reading →

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Town Funding Bodies To Vote Next Month on Support for New Canaan Library Rebuilding Plan

The town’s two major funding bodies will vote next month on a proposal to help kickstart a capital campaign for a widely anticipated rebuild of New Canaan Library, officials say. Conceived by town officials and introduced at public meetings in June, the allocation would help the library acquire a key .19-acre property on its block. Though formal agendas have not yet been finalized, the Board of Finance is expected to vote on the measure at its Sept. 13 meeting, with the Town Council to follow on Sept. 21, First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said. Continue Reading →

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Six Summer Reading Picks from New Canaan Library

Although summer is near its halfway point, there’s always time to pick up a book to keep us busy. New Canaan’s own public library has put together a fantastic list of page turners for you to stick your nose in whether your tanning on the beach or snuggling up on your couch. We asked Manager of Adult Services Christle Chumney to recommend some popular summer reads. Here are her top-six great reads of the season, with a little information on each one. 1. Continue Reading →

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