New Canaan Library Announces Winter Book Sale: December 14-17

Winter is the perfect time to catch up on reading and New Canaan Library’s winter book sale answers the call. It’s also the perfect time to purchase a book for holiday gift-giving. From best sellers to classics and history, and a vast selection of music CDs and DVDs, the Library’s semiannual book sales offer excellent choices. As much as donations are appreciated, the Library requests that donations now be held until early January. The book sale begins on Friday, December 14 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. with early bird 9 – 11 a.m. admission for a fee of $15.

Letter: ‘Rich and Unique’ Lecture at New Canaan Library

Dear Editor,

What a rich and unique Stoddard lecture was held at New Canaan Library this week. This year’s speaker was artist and architect Mohamed Hafez, whose talk and work dealt with “home.” 

Born in Syria, Hafez spent the first half of his presentation contextualizing his artwork. He talked about life in the culturally diverse world of pre-war Damascus; about traveling to Disney as a kid and enjoying its culture shock; about following his siblings to study at the University of Iowa; about the warmth of family, rooted in endless conversation over coffee in traditionally appointed Syrian rooms. All these stories were important to hear as they made the second half of his presentation crackle with meaning. 

We then saw Hafez’s sculptures come alive on the screen in a way that felt as three-dimensional as the pieces themselves (currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum, Bruce Museum, and Quick Center in Fairfield). He makes breathtakingly detailed miniatures of the rooms and buildings that tell his stories, both before and after the war and resultant refugee crisis. In that hour and half, Hafez showed that as much as war and traumatic displacement shape his life, his stories of home are human, universal.

Music@ New Canaan Library Presents Beautiful, Bright and Fast Music, from the Collective Brass Quintet

Music@ New Canaan Library is excited to present the Collective Brass Quintet, performing a dynamic musical repertoire that includes music spanning the centuries. The event takes place on Thursday, December 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the Adrian Lamb Room. Please register online at Collective Brass delights and inspires audiences with classical and jazz favorites, beautiful melodies, and breathtaking energy. Beautiful, Bright and Fast features music originally written for brass, as well as music by Bernstein, Bach, Monteverdi, Mozart, and Debussy.

December Red Cross Blood Drive at New Canaan Library; Fines Waived for Donors

Often blood donations fall off during the holiday season; to address that, the Red Cross returns to New Canaan Library for a blood drive on Wednesday, December 5 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. To support participation the Library will, on that day, waive any existing overdue fines for the presenting blood donor. There are many reasons to donate blood; from knowing that you might need blood one day to just believing it’s the right thing to do. The need to maintain a reliable blood supply is constant and vital; by donating you are helping to change, and perhaps save, a life. To participate in this blood drive please register online at Donors must bring a positive form of ID.