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Failing ‘Guide Rails’ on Ponus Ridge, Turner Hill Road To Be Replaced

The Board of Selectmen at its most recent meeting unanimously approved more than $38,000 in two contracts with a Plainville-based company to replace guide rails on Ponus Ridge and Turner Hill Road. Eagle Fence & Guardrail under a $21,950 contract that includes $2,500 contingency and $2,500 for New Canaan Police presence will replace guide rails on both approaches to the Merritt Parkway overpass at Ponus Ridge, following the board’s 3-0 vote. A state bridge inspection found that the railings themselves at that location were missing and that id had a loose cable system, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. Additionally, Eagle under a $16,190 contract that includes $1,800 contingency and another $2,500 for police will do similar work on a stretch of Turner Hill Road that spans a steep embankment and stream, Mann told the selectmen at their March 27 meeting, held at Town Hall. “They [Eagle] gave us an alternative to what we normally have been doing, based on the fact that there is a lot of rock and a lot of ledge,” Mann said. Continue Reading →

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Public Works To Seek $198,000 Appropriation After Winter Storms

Public Works officials are expected to ask the town funding bodies for an approximately $198,000 special appropriation to cover higher-than-anticipated costs following a series of winter storms in March. Though there’s no such thing as a single standalone “snow removal budget,” in the winter there are normally just two accounts that get hit for overtime, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann: outside contractors, some of whom help plow parking lots or remove snow from the downtown, and road maintenance, which includes salt and deicing liquid. “This year, unfortunately, because of the nature of the storms, we actually are having problems with other accounts in other departments,” Mann told members of the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting on March 27. He referred to spending such as in the Parks Department, Transfer Station, Tree Warden and Sewer Department, whose pump stations the town had to man due to widespread power outages. Overages of $24,000 and $7,000 for the Transfer Station and Sewer Department, respectively, can be covered with funds from other accounts, Mann said, but the total from the Highway Department, Parks Department and tree service come to $298,000. Continue Reading →

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Selectmen Vote 3-0 To Convert 36 Parking Spaces at Talmadge Hill Lot from Metered to Permitted Spaces for New Canaan Residents 

Talmadge Hill Railroad Crossing

Saying the Talmadge Hill parking lot can be more effectively used to serve local commuters, the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday voted unanimously to convert 36 daily metered spaces there to permit spaces for New Canaan residents. The change is designed to cut into the waitlist at the commuter lot, recently pegged at 115 people, without requiring feasibility studies and construction work, such as expanding the parking levels there north toward the Merritt Parkway. That type of project, if allowed, remains a possibility—likely for some time next year, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan said—but “the cheapest way to increase permit spaces is to take daily fee spots.”

“There is demand for New Canaanites for those Talmadge Hill spots,” Moynihan said at the meeting, held at Town Hall. “When we do have permit spots we oversell by 50 percent, so we have daily fee spots that are sitting empty that we get no revenues from.”

The easternmost/uppermost tier at Talmadge Hill has 36 metered spots and the next level down has 60. Moynihan and Selectmen Kit Devereaux and Nick Williams voted 3-0 to convert the 36 spots at the top into permitted spaces for New Canaan residents. Continue Reading →

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Town Approves $14,725 Contract for Waveny Pool Work; No Competitive Bids Sought

Town officials on Tuesday approved a contract with a Stamford-based painting company to spruce up Waveny Pool ahead of the 2018 season. The $14,725 contract with Alladin Services includes $1,900 in contingency and will including cleaning the main pavilion at the pool, locker rooms and cleaning around the pool, Department of Public Works Buildings Superintendent Bill Oestmann told members of the Board of Selectmen during their regular meeting. Alladin has “done a fair amount of work for the town” and has been “responsive” and “good with their pricing,” Oestmann said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. “We are seeking your approval to get this done and get ready for the opening day,” Oestmann said. Waveny Pool typically is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Continue Reading →

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Officials Vote To Raise Parking Permit Fees 2 Percent

Town officials on Tuesday voted to raise the fees for permits at parking lots in New Canaan by 2 percent, settling an open question that had divided the volunteer body appointed advise on such matters. The Board of Selectmen after some discussion voted 3-0 in favor of the modest increase, to take effect July 1:

Parking Commission Chairman Keith Richey, a guest at the meeting, advocated for the increase as a way to build up a fund that’s designed to help with upkeep and improvements at lots such as the Lumberyard, Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill. “We are taking about [a] $12 [increase] for the most expensive and less for the others,” Richey said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. “This is the time to be building up the parking fund, which the increase would do — do the expansion at Talmadge Hill and have some money set aside to maybe do the Lumberyard, eventually — so to me there is every reason to be increasing, particularly when we are not talking about an egregious increase here. We are talking about something at rate of inflation or even below inflation at 2 percent. Continue Reading →

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