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‘This Is Not the Year’: Parking Commission Divided on Whether To Raise Rates of Commuter Lot Permits

As New Canaan faces threats of reduced service on its rail line and the likelihood of devalued real property and increased taxes, it should reduce the fees for permits to park in commuter lots this year, according to one member of the Parking Commission. According to Chris Hering, if New Canaan looks considers its “optics” relative to comparable towns—at “our competitive towns, arguably,” he told fellow commissioners at their regular meeting March 14—then it makes sense to help commuters. Told that doing so would deprive the town of a ready source of revenue, Hering said: “You are basically telling everyone that earns money in this town, that goes and pays for parking, you are going to tell them, ‘Hey, why don’t you move to Darien? It’s another $400 cheaper.’ ”

He proposed a 20 percent reduction to the rates, but found no support from fellow commissioners. Ultimately, the four commissioners who attended the meeting at Town Hall—Hering, Chairman Keith Richey, Pam Crum and Peter Ogilvie (Stuart Stringfellow was absent)—could reach no consensus on whether to reduce or raise the rates, or keep them flat. Continue Reading →

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‘There Was No Line at the Machine’: Parking Commission Upholds $25 Ticket for Greenwich Man Who Claims He Paid for Space at Morse Court

Parking officials on Thursday voted 2-1 to uphold a Greenwich man’s $25 ticket for parking in an unpaid space in the Morse Court lot. Though Robert Golden claimed during an appeal hearing that he received the ticket Feb. 10 while waiting on line at a pay machine, Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg said she spoke with the enforcement officer who issued it, and who had a different story. “Because there have been times in the past where people were at the machine—especially on Saturdays because it’s busy—were at the machines paying and they were missed, he now waits to make sure there is nobody at the machine before he tickets the vehicles,” Miltenberg told members of the Parking Commission at their regular meeting, held in Town Hall. “And so when he went around ticketing there was no line at the machine at that point.”

Golden has a different version of events, saying he parked, went to the pay machine, purchased about one hour’s time, crossed Main Street to New Balance and when he came back to his car, “there was a ticket.”

“It’s a very simple story,” he told the commission. Continue Reading →

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Parking Officials: ‘Clean’ Waitlist for Lumberyard Lot Permits Down to 475

Parking officials say the number of New Canaan residents now waiting for permits for the convenient Lumberyard Lot next to the train station is 475—the lowest figure in memory. Another 189 names are on a waiting list for the Richmond Hill Lot and 115 at Talmadge Hill, according to Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg. The number of people on the Lumberyard waitlist had stood at 606 in November. But a total of 168 names were removed after people either opted out or failed to respond to a call for a $10 fee to remain on the waitlist, Miltenberg told members of the Parking Commission at their regular meeting Thursday. Chairman Keith Richey called the 475 figure “very interesting.”

“There was a point not so long ago when we would say that there were 1,200 people on the waiting list,” Richey said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. Continue Reading →

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