Town Upholds $30 Ticket for Woman Who Parked Against Bike Rack on Elm

Town officials last month voted unanimously to uphold a $30 ticket for a Wilton woman who parked against a bike rack downtown and then claimed that there were no lines in the roadway indicating she couldn’t do that. Told that a temporary line already had been painted around the bike rack at Elm Street and South Avenue when she parked there on the afternoon of Oct. 25, Katherine Cornbrooks said to members of the Parking Commission at their most recent meeting that “there was no line.”

“There was nothing drawn,” she said during her Jan. 10 appeal hearing at Town Hall. “It was all scraped away.

Town Officials Vote To Start Charging Handicapped Motorists Parking in Metered Lots

Town officials recently voted to start charging handicapped permit-holders who park in designated spaces in metered lots such as Morse Court and Center School, changing the longtime local practice of allowing them to park for free. Members of the Parking Commission at their Jan. 10 meeting voted 4-1 to make the change. Chairman Keith Richey said during the meeting that handicapped motorists park for free on downtown streets such as Elm, just as non-handicapped people do. 

“But then there are handicapped spots in some of these metered lots, like Morse Court, and right now we are not not charging,” Richey said during the meeting, held at Town Hall. “And Center Lot, there are a couple [of handicapped spaces] there.

Officials Vote 3-2 To Uphold $25 Parking Ticket for Man Who Thought Bush Funeral Was National Holiday

A divided Parking Commission last week upheld a $25 ticket for a motorist who said he didn’t pay for a space at Morse Court because he believed Dec. 5 was a national holiday. Steven Colfin told Commissioners during their regular meeting Thursday that it was a “national day of mourning.”

“There is a sign there saying” no one has to pay for parking on holidays, Colfin told the Commission during his appeal hearing, held at Town Hall. “It was the Wednesday of the national day of morning for president George H.W. Bush, the federal government was closed, markets were closed, I took it as a holiday.”

Chairman Keith Richey said, “It’s the holiday defense.”

He added, “Actually, I think that’s a pretty good defense, as a mater of fact.”

A parking enforcement officer issued the ticket at 12:11 p.m. that day. 

Commissioner Pam Crum asked Colfin whether he parked and then went to get lunch, and he said yes. 

During deliberations, Crum said, “I’m sorry, it is not a holiday.”

Richey responded, “Actually it was a holiday.”

Asked to clarify, Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg, a guest at the meeting, said New Canaan only waives parking fees on “federal holidays.”

“People have asked me whether there’s other holidays throughout the year and people will call up, ‘It’s such-and-such, is it a holiday?’ ” Miltenberg said. Richey and Commissioner Stuart Stringfellow voted to void the ticket, while Crum and Commissioner Chris Hering voted to uphold it, leaving the decisive vote to Commissioner Peter Ogilvie. 

“I’m never the tiebreaker,” Ogilvie said.

Officials Unanimously Uphold $30 Ticket for Darien Woman Who Parked in Loading Zone

Parking officials this month upheld a $30 parking ticket for a Darien woman who had pulled into a loading zone on a Saturday afternoon. Maria Olivo told members of the Parking Commission that she came to New Canaan to return an item to J. Crew and didn’t realize that the loading zone applied to weekends. “It wasn’t like there weren’t other spots,” Olivo said during the Commission’s regular meeting, held Nov. 1 at Town Hall. “There were other spots.