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Town Forgives $30 Ticket for Woman Who Parked in Lumberyard Lot without a Permit

Town officials recently voided a $30 ticket that had been issued to a New Canaan woman after she parked in the Lumberyard Lot at the train station downtown without a permit. Jennifer Frazer told members of the Parking Commission at their regular meeting last month that she rarely takes the train and usually catches it out of Stamford. But on the morning of Jan. 5, “the day after a really big storm,” her four-wheel drive car was “slipping all over the roads,” Frazer said during the commission’s March 8 meeting, held at Town Hall. “The parking lot was full, probably everybody had the same problem as me that day—they didn’t want to drive because it was too slippery,” Frazer said. Continue Reading →

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‘Could Not Find My Key in Time and Had My Wife Bring Another Set of Keys’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from parking ticket appeals letters filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau. Where available, we’ve included information on the violation for which these people were cited, in what amount, and where and when the violation occurred. For context, we’ve also added town of residence for the ticketed motorist. We preserve spelling, capital letters and punctuation as written by the appellant. ***

“I parked my car on Main Street at about 9 AM and was to move out by about 10.30. Continue Reading →

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‘I Am Here Because I Don’t Think This Is Fair’: Woman Who Took Up Two Spaces Downtown Argues Her Way Out of $30 Ticket

Officials recently voided a $30 ticket issued to a Darien woman who admitted that she had obstructed two spaces in parking at Morse Court. Yet Alexandra Eising told members of the Parking Commission during an appeal hearing that she was forced to park over the line because the car next to her already was parked that way and she didn’t want someone else pulling in and dinging her two-week-old vehicle. Eising said she’d been in a rush to get to an 11 a.m. class at Go Figure and pulled into one of the straight spots up against the Mobil station. “I was rushing to get to my class and the car on the right side of me was so far over, so I parked far over because I didn’t want them to open their door into my car,” she said at the March 8 hearing, held in Town Hall. “So when I came back I was five minutes late, I got a late fine—which I deserved, because I was five minutes late—but I also got I took up two spots, so I said, Well that’s funny because my wheel is on the line. Continue Reading →

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Selectmen Vote 3-0 To Convert 36 Parking Spaces at Talmadge Hill Lot from Metered to Permitted Spaces for New Canaan Residents 

Talmadge Hill Railroad Crossing

Saying the Talmadge Hill parking lot can be more effectively used to serve local commuters, the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday voted unanimously to convert 36 daily metered spaces there to permit spaces for New Canaan residents. The change is designed to cut into the waitlist at the commuter lot, recently pegged at 115 people, without requiring feasibility studies and construction work, such as expanding the parking levels there north toward the Merritt Parkway. That type of project, if allowed, remains a possibility—likely for some time next year, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan said—but “the cheapest way to increase permit spaces is to take daily fee spots.”

“There is demand for New Canaanites for those Talmadge Hill spots,” Moynihan said at the meeting, held at Town Hall. “When we do have permit spots we oversell by 50 percent, so we have daily fee spots that are sitting empty that we get no revenues from.”

The easternmost/uppermost tier at Talmadge Hill has 36 metered spots and the next level down has 60. Moynihan and Selectmen Kit Devereaux and Nick Williams voted 3-0 to convert the 36 spots at the top into permitted spaces for New Canaan residents. Continue Reading →

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‘This Is Not the Year’: Parking Commission Divided on Whether To Raise Rates of Commuter Lot Permits

As New Canaan faces threats of reduced service on its rail line and the likelihood of devalued real property and increased taxes, it should reduce the fees for permits to park in commuter lots this year, according to one member of the Parking Commission. According to Chris Hering, if New Canaan looks considers its “optics” relative to comparable towns—at “our competitive towns, arguably,” he told fellow commissioners at their regular meeting March 14—then it makes sense to help commuters. Told that doing so would deprive the town of a ready source of revenue, Hering said: “You are basically telling everyone that earns money in this town, that goes and pays for parking, you are going to tell them, ‘Hey, why don’t you move to Darien? It’s another $400 cheaper.’ ”

He proposed a 20 percent reduction to the rates, but found no support from fellow commissioners. Ultimately, the four commissioners who attended the meeting at Town Hall—Hering, Chairman Keith Richey, Pam Crum and Peter Ogilvie (Stuart Stringfellow was absent)—could reach no consensus on whether to reduce or raise the rates, or keep them flat. Continue Reading →

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