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Parking Officials Void Ticket for Town Woman Who Overstayed at Morse Court

A split vote among members of the Parking Commission at a special meeting Tuesday night voided a $25 ticket issued to a New Canaan woman for overtime parking at Morse Court. Sarah Spadaccini told the Commission that on July 27, after she clocked out of her shift at Kiwanis Park, she parked her at Morse Court in a 15-minute zone so that she could pick up her takeout order from Spiga restaurant. She said that her order had already been prepared when she arrived at the restaurant, so all she had to do was pay and then leave. 

“As I was walking out to my car—because I was in the spot closest to Main Street—I could see the man ticketing my car,” she said. “It couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes. I was in and then I was out. Continue Reading →

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‘Ludicrous’: Parking Officials Uphold $75 Ticket for Fairfield Woman Parked in a Crosswalk 

The Parking Commission on Tuesday night voted unanimously to uphold a $75 ticket issued to a Fairfield woman who was parked in a crosswalk on Elm Street. 

Patricia Hessel told members of the Commission at a special meeting that on July 6, she parked in downtown New Canaan just before noon to go shopping for her business and when she returned to her vehicle 10 minutes later, she found a ticket on her car. 

“Apparently, I parked in a crosswalk and I did not realize I did,” she told the Commission at its meeting, held in Town Hall. “I’m not from this town. Our town has big white lines [marking the crosswalk]. I did hesitate a bit, but then I got out of the car, I saw the sign and said to myself, ‘I guess it must be OK because [the arrow on the sign] is pointing both ways… But sure enough, I got a ticket.”

Hessel said that she didn’t take a photo of where her car was parked at the time the ticket was issued but went back at a later date and took a photo “to prove my case.” She presented the photo to the Commission as evidence. 

“The big white lines and red bricks [at the crosswalk] didn’t trigger any thoughts?” Commissioner Peter Ogilvie asked. 

Hessel replied “no” and reiterated that she was looking for large, white lines similar to what she’s used to seeing at crosswalks in Fairfield. 

“The [arrow on the] sign looked like it was pointing both ways, so I’m fighting it,” she said. “Believe me, I will never park there again. Continue Reading →

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Parking Commission Upholds $30 Loading Zone Ticket 

The Parking Commission on Tuesday night voted unanimously to uphold a $30 ticket issued to a woman who parked in a loading zone. Sarah Zepeda told members of the Commission at a special meeting that as she approached the corner of Main Street and East Avenue at 10:50 a.m. one morning, she noticed a two-hour parking sign, so she decided to take advantage of the vacant spot.  (more…) Continue Reading →

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‘We Were Having an Emergency Bathroom Situation’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from parking ticket appeals letters filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau:


“I ran into a stairwell to drop off a wallet I found at Starbucks. I saw the ticketing officer doing his rounds and was in sight of my car the whole time. I would have been able to see someone wanting to park in the space and been able to move my car.”

—$150 for handicapped zone on Elm Street at 9:50 a.m. on July 3 (Milford resident) (more…) Continue Reading →

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‘As I Was Frantically Running To My Car, I Also Dropped My Lunch’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Here are excerpts from parking ticket appeals letters filed recently with the New Canaan Parking Bureau:


“Hello, my name is [her name] and I am a rising senior at New Canaan High School. Recently, I was granted a $25 parking ticket due to overtimed-parking. My car was parked on the street side of Morse Court (I was parallel parked, meaning I was in the ’15 minute zone’). THe reason I was parked here was to retrieve my lunch from Spiga (it was an order I called in ahead of time). Keep in mind my car was the first car closest to Main Street – I could quite literally see Spiga outside my windshield. Continue Reading →

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