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Letter: Supporting Penny Young for Town Council

To the editor:

There’s a reason why the voters have, and should continue to, cast their votes for Penny Young. They have recognized her incredible understanding of our town’s operations, and her ability to identify what’s working, question what’s not, and carry out the Town Council’s responsibilities with a fresh perspective and a close eye on the budget. This extensive knowledge, combined with her willingness to work hard and face the tough issues head on, make her the ideal member of Town Council. Penny is fiscally responsible and well understands the impact of the town’s financial decisions on all of New Canaan’s citizens, from its young families to its senior citizens. She is committed to convening the approving bodies for timely serious discussions about what and how to provide the services expected by our citizens. Continue Reading →

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‘They Need To Be Separate’: Town Officials Weigh Future of Human Services’ Vine Cottage Home

Should their current base of operations be sold or otherwise offloaded, the municipal employees who work out of Vine Cottage on Main Street likely could not re-locate into Town Hall due to the sensitive nature of their jobs, officials say. Members of the Human Services Department “feel very strongly that they need to be separate from the Town Hall because of confidentiality issues and the clients that they are dealing with,” according to Penny Young, co-chair of the Town Building Evaluation and Use Committee. “And that is why they were not incorporated into this redesign of Town Hall,” Young said at the committee’s most recent meeting, held Sept. 28 at Town Hall. “So that needs to stay uppermost in our mind, is their function and their need for being separate from Town Hall.”

It isn’t clear just where the department, whose staff includes senior outreach and social workers, would move to if displaced from Vine Cottage. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Penny Young Addresses New Canaan’s Needs ‘In a Fiscally Conservative Fashion’

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of Penny Young’s candidacy for Town Council. I have known Penny for 20 years, and have worked with her on the board of the League of Women Voters for the past 15, including working with her closely to educate the public on town matters and to promote good governance when I was president of the League. In her role on Town Council, Penny has been a leader in our community focusing on the same types of issues. Assigned by the chair of the Town Council to follow the Charter provisions for several years, she identified issues ripe for study, discussion and possible change. Ultimately she requested that the Council form a Charter Revision Commission, and was selected to serve on that Commission. Continue Reading →

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Committee: 20 Percent of Space in Town-Owned Buildings Is Currently Unused

About 20 percent of space in town-owned, non-district buildings is now unused, and another 25 percent need major repairs, officials said last week. Just what the town should do about that empty space, and what capital maintenance it should invest in, are major questions facing New Canaan, according to Amy Murphy Carroll. “I think everything jumps out to you with just the amount of square footage that is vacant,” Carroll, a co-chair of the Town Building Evaluation & Use Committee, said during the group’s Sept. 28 special meeting. “And I will throw this out: I mean if things are not needed—and ‘need’ is a relative thing—sometimes it costs money to own more and the cost to tear down is not going to go down,” she added at the meeting, held in Town Hall. Continue Reading →

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Town-Appointed Committee Advised That Summer Meetings Were Unlawful

Though the state has yet to issue a formal decision on the matter, town officials on Thursday said they’ve been advised that subcommittee meetings held out of the public eye this summer were illegal. The Town Building Evaluation & Use Committee is charged with studying the uses, physical condition and capital needs of some 44 town-owned structures in New Canaan, excluding school buildings. Appointed in February, the seven-member committee is expected this fall to produce a report with wide consequences for the town, shaping the future of buildings such as the former Outback Teen Center, Waveny House, Playhouse and Vine Cottage by offering options that may include using them in new ways or even selling or razing them. Though the committee has not met as a whole group since June 28, its members continued their work through the summer—specifically, conducting site visits to public buildings in smaller “teams” to meet with municipal officials and gather information for the final report. None of those meetings were noticed as such and so they were not open to the public. Continue Reading →

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