Facing Fines, Parade Hill Road Homeowner To Move Big Shed Off Property Line

Addressing a zoning violation that dates back to the fall, the owner of a Parade Hill Road property has vowed to move this spring a large freestanding shed located at the end of his driveway away a property line, enforcement officials say. According to a Zoning Fine Warning Notice obtained by NewCanaanite.com following a Freedom of Information Act request, a zoning enforcement officer on Oct. 20 notified the owner of the .17-acre property at 37 Parade Hill Road that the large shed set against a side yard property line to the south is in violation of the New Canaan Zoning Regulations. Specifically, an accessory structure in the B Residential zone must allow for an 8-foot setback (see page 58 here). The property includes a 1,147-square-foot ranch-style house, and the shed as seen from the public roadway appears to sit along its edge, up against a fence that separates 37 Parade Hill Road from its neighbor.

YMCA Applies for Building Permit; Project Scope Reduced from Original

The New Canaan YMCA has applied for a building permit application that, if approved, will allow the South Avenue facility to start work on a widely anticipated renovation and expansion. The project will see demolition of an existing family pool and pool building, interior renovations of the existing building locker rooms, a new café and office spaces, as a new pool building and family/recreation pools are built, according to an application filed Sept. 22 with the town. In all, 14,350 square feet of new construction is planned, the application said. The figure is down more than 40 percent from the 24,617 net increase in square footage that the Y had been seeking when the Planning & Zoning Commission approved its project (on 33 conditions) 18 months ago.