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‘I Don’t Want Cops in My House’: Interfering Charge for New Canaan Man, 59, in Oenoke Ridge Underage Drinking Party Case; Felony Charge for Teenage Son [UPDATED]

[Note: This article has been updated since charges against the teen have been dropped.]

A 17-year-old boy lay seriously injured and unconscious for nearly 40 minutes in the basement of an Oenoke Ridge Road home, bleeding from his ear, before emergency responders were called, partly because the father of the teen who was hosting the underage drinking party where he’d fallen insisted that nobody phone police about it, officials say. Douglas Knight, 59, on Thursday turned himself in on the misdemeanor charge of interfering with an emergency call in connection with the March 25 party, according to a police report. Though the Knight parents were not at home that Saturday night, they kept the injured boy’s parents in the dark about his injuries for a critical period of time and instructed their own son as well as others in the house not to call 9-1-1, according to an arrest warrant application from New Canaan Police Sgt. Peter Condos of the department’s Investigative Section. Ultimately, the father of a girl who attended the party phoned 9-1-1 himself after learning from her what was happening, Condos said in his sworn affidavit. Continue Reading →

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Police: Ponus Ridge Man, 50, Faces Felony Charge after Teen Gets Drunk at July 4th House Party

A 50-year-old Ponus Ridge man faces felony charges after a teenager who had been drinking at an Independence Day house party at his home later turned up intoxicated and vomiting in the bushes of a Millport Avenue residence. Around 6:35 p.m. on July 4, police were dispatched to Millport Avenue on a report that a drunk 17-year-old boy was vomiting and having extreme stomach pain, laying “in the recovery position” on his side, partly in a driveway and partly in bushes, according to a police report. The teen’s mother phoned 9-1-1, the report said. Arriving, emergency responders found the boy’s mother as well as two other teens and learned that he’d drunk about eight or nine beers, as well as whiskey, the report said. He was taken to Norwalk Hospital, according to the report. Continue Reading →

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Police: Frogtown Road Man’s SUV Egged for Third Time in Four Months

A 50-year-old Frogtown Road man told police last week that his SUV had been egged overnight for the third time in about four months. According to Sgt. Peter Condos of the New Canaan Police Department, the man told police at 9 a.m. on June 29 that he awoke that morning to find broken eggshells in his driveway and egg yolk over his 2012 Ford Escape’s windshield, roof and rear window. The man told police that he had no idea who could be targeting him or whether there’s someone angry with him who may be seeking revenge, according to a police report. According to the report, the man has a teenage child, though it isn’t clear whether the perpetrators are targeting that individual, either. Continue Reading →

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NCPD Detective Work Yields Arrests in Complicated Check Theft, Forging Scam

Following up on a Briscoe Road man’s complaint in November that checks he’d written had been stolen from his outgoing mail, New Canaan Police pieced together a complicated fraud scheme that targeted multiple residents. Thanks largely to the legwork of NCPD Detective Sgt. Peter Condos, police arrested two Bridgeport men on felony charges and are expecting to charge a third person, according to a police report. The scam worked this way, officials said: One man would steal stamped, outgoing envelopes meant for a U.S. Postal Service letter carrier from a residence, rifle through the contents and hand off any checks to two different people. The checks would be fraudulently “signed over” to those two individuals and deposited in their Bank of America accounts in Bridgeport. Continue Reading →

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Single Car Crash on Route 123: ‘He’s Hurt Pretty Bad’

Emergency responders rushed the sole occupant of a black Cadillac sedan, described as an elderly man, to Norwalk Hospital early Wednesday afternoon after he crashed into a tree on Smith Ridge Road just south of Glen Drive. The motorist appeared to be traveling south on Route 123 when he crashed into a tree on the west side of the road shortly before 2 p.m., officials said. “He’s hurt pretty bad,” Sgt. Peter Condos said. “He was unconscious when we got there.” Continue Reading →

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