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Parks Officials: 504 People with 701 Dogs Now Registered for Spencer’s Run, Mostly New Canaan

In the fifth year since New Canaan began requiring canine owners to register their pets in order to use the dog run at Waveny, 504 people have done so, officials said this week. Currently, 701 dogs are registered for Spencer’s Run, according to Kit Devereaux, a member of the Parks & Recreation Commission who serves as a liaison to the popular facility located next to the paddle hut. New Canaanites account for about 56 percent of those with their dogs registered and Recreation Director Steve Benko “has a program that he set up that really is making a difference,” Devereaux said during a regular meeting of the commission, held Wednesday night at Lapham Community Center. “Dogs dig, as we all know, and then people complain. But Steve has—with dog park money—set up a program where someone comes in and fills the holes and seeds it. Continue Reading →

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‘The Male Was Not Responding’: Bit by Dog at Spencer’s Run, Woman Gets Angry with Nonchalant Owner

Police this month fielded a complaint from a Norwalk woman who said she’d been bit at Spencer’s Run by a dog whose owner—a New Canaan man—failed to show sufficient concern. It happened on the evening of April 7 (a Friday) at the Waveny dog park, according to a police report obtained by NewCanaanite.com through a Freedom of Information request. According to a report from the head of the Animal Control section, Officer Allyson Halm, at about 5:30 p.m. the woman had been throwing a ball to her dog “when a white shepherd or husky-type dog came over to them and the two dogs began to fight.”

The woman started yelling and tried to break up the scrap, and told Halm that “the other dog’s owner was far away and didn’t seem to know what was going on,” the report said. Soon, the man—a Spring Water Lane resident—made his way over to secure his dog, and the woman instructed him to leave the park, as his dog had bitten her, the report said. Yet, according to the woman, “the male was not responding,” the report said. Continue Reading →

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‘Do You Know Who I Am?’: Rough Dog Play at Waveny Prompts Threats, Profanity from New Canaan Woman

Some recent rough-play-turned-aggression between two dogs at Waveny led to a verbal confrontation and rather strong language from one New Canaan woman directed at a fellow Spencer’s Run user as well as police, officials say. No one was charged in the incident, though the 55-year-old local woman—owner of an approximately 40- to 50-pound border collie-Australian shepherd mix named ‘Katie’—appeared to hurl profanity and threats at police, and to disobey officers’ instructions to leave the dog park for the day, according to incident reports obtained by NewCanaanite.com through a Freedom of Information request. The skirmish started around 10:50 a.m. on Nov. 5 (a Saturday), according to a report from an officer in the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section, when Katie became overly rough with a far smaller (10 pounds) golden doodle she’d been chasing. ‘Sunny,’ as the underdog is named, belongs to a 31-year-old Stamford man, the report said. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

A Darien-New Canaan tussle played out ahead of this week’s highly anticipated Turkey Bowl, and just a few football fields away from Dunning Stadium. At about 1 p.m. on Nov. 11, a 4-year-old miniature Australian shepherd from New Canaan attacked an 18-month-old Vizsla from Darien at Spencer’s Run, the dog park at Waveny. The local dog bit the puppy’s earflap and did enough damage to require stitching, according to a report on file with the Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department. “All in all, Spencer’s Run as a rule runs very, very smoothly,” said Officer Allyson Halm, head of Animal Control. Continue Reading →

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Parks Officials Plan Improvements To Grounds at Spencer’s Run Dog Park in Waveny

Parks officials may try fencing off portions of Waveny’s dog run this spring and then again in the fall in order to re-grade the area so it’s safer for all the mammals who go there. The root systems of trees that used to stand in what is now Spencer’s Run have rotted underground, creating bumps and divots in the popular dog park that appear flat after mowing, according to Kit Devereaux, a regular park user (with her white poodle, named ‘Louis Armstrong’). So when the grass grows over those areas “it creates sort of a trap, and so they [a committee of volunteer liaisons between Spencer’s Run and the town] would like to have half of it re-graded and then other half re-graded,” Devereaux told members of the Park & Recreation Commission Wednesday night at their regular meeting, held at Lapham Community Center. If New Canaan’s parks superintendent deems it a worthwhile project, half of Spencer’s Run could be cordoned off and re-graded now through June, and then the full park would be available to paying users through the summer, with the second half addressed in the fall, Devereaux said. Asked whether there are any concerns about the remaining space being too small for visitors (there are some 480 registered users of Spencer’s Run, two-thirds of them nonresidents who pay higher fees), Recreation Director Steve Benko said that the area being looked at now “still has a decent amount of grass.”

“So he [the parks superintendent] can go in, he can aerate it, he can over-seed it, he can get the grass to grow fast. Continue Reading →

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