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‘An Amazing, Amazing Six Years’: Emotional Farewell for Board of Selectmen at Final Meeting

Wednesday morning’s Board of Selectmen meeting—typically a workmanlike affair, with approvals of tree removal contracts and reviews of how the pavement is faring on local roads—saw multiple department heads offering heartfelt thanks to the three town officials gathered at the dais for the final time. This week’s election signaled the end of the board composed for six years of First Selectman Rob Mallozzi and Selectmen Beth Jones and Nick Williams.

“Yours was my fourth administration and for the past six years, I have found your board to be the most collegial, congenial and decent one yet,” Public Works Director Tiger Mann said after the selectmen approved the purchase of a pickup truck from Karl Chevrolet. “Things won’t be the same. It has been a pleasure.”

During the meeting, held at Town Hall, Human Resources Director Cheryl Pickering-Jones thanked the board for “a great few years” and Parks Superintendent John Howe said, “Thank you for six years of wonderful cooperation.”

Jones and Mallozzi did not seek re-election, he after a narrow loss at the Republican caucus in July. Williams earned 3,827 votes on Tuesday and will join Kevin Moynihan and Kit Devereaux on a newly configured board, as first selectman and selectman, respectively. Continue Reading →

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Town Officials Approve Road Repair Projects on Garibaldi, Sleepy Hollow

Town officials on Tuesday approved an approximately $65,000 contract extension with a Norwalk-based company to repair two small sections of roads in residential neighborhoods. The $66,820 contract with FGB Construction includes the milling and paving of parts of Garibaldi Lane and Sleepy Hollow Road as well as about $5,000 for police protection during the work. “We normally do not do small sections but these two sections warrant repair,” New Canaan Public Works Director Tiger Mann said during a regular meeting fo the Board of Selectmen, held at Town Hall. The portion on Garibaldi essentially will finish off the road, which had been started from the Route 123 side but stopped at a narrow section toward Brushy Ridge Road “and since the rest of the road is in good shape, that is the last piece to have done,” Mann said. “There is a large development going in there right, basically right at the terminus of this stretch, and all the prospective buyers that keep coming in are driving down a poor road to get a prospective half-million-dollar home to purchase, so we feel it would be in our best interests to take care of this section.”

The portion of Sleepy Hollow lies along the first 1,000 feet or so as that road comes off of Laurel, Mann said. Continue Reading →

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‘It’s Not the Nicest Looking Thing’: The Puzzling Concrete Block at 106 and Lapham

It had bothered Tiger Mann pretty much from the time he started working with New Canaan’s Department of Public Works, as a senior engineer in 1999. It came on his radar again years later, as the DPW set about dressing up the “gateways” into town. The town has a conceptual plan to replace it, though funding—as well as state approval—still must be had to see that plan through. “While I won’t call it ‘iconic,’ it’s been here forever and it’s not the nicest looking thing,” Mann, now public works director, said on a recent morning of the painted white concrete block at Old Stamford and Lapham Roads. Listing, immoveable, and shaped as though it had been a mooring, the structure has functioned for decades—and not very well—as a traffic island along a major state road into New Canaan. Continue Reading →

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Town Pursues Push Button-Activated Flashing Beacon for South Avenue Crosswalk Near YMCA and Waveny

A popular pedestrian crossing of one of New Canaan’s busiest roads stands to become far safer for those who use it, under a plan that town officials now are considering. Traffic officials say they’re working with the state Department of Transportation to install a pedestrian-activated “rectangular rapid flash beacon” or “RRFB” at the South Avenue crosswalk just up from the New Canaan YMCA. Connecting the sidewalk just north of the YMCA to a trailhead for Waveny Park, the crosswalk serves dozens of runners and walkers, though motorists zipping up South Avenue—which doubles as state Route 124—often do not stop for those waiting to cross. New Canaan Department of Public Works officials for more than two months have been working with the DOT on an acceptable RRFB design that the town already uses at the top of God’s Acre, the Fieldcrest Road crossing to Saxe Middle School and soon will install at Elm and Weed Streets. Some of the specifications for the RRFB—such as the color of the control box (the state wants it to be yellow, the town a less glaring black or stainless steel) and the size of the sign (it’s off by about one inch)—require approval from the DOT’s various divisions, especially its Electrical Division, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. Continue Reading →

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Now, Vandalism: Richmond Hill Garage Remains a Problem, Town Officials Say

The free-standing garage on Richmond Hill Road—widely considered an eyesore—recently was broken into, according to town officials. Addressing the Parks & Recreation Commission at the group’s most recent meeting, Public Works Director Tiger Mann said as the building is unoccupied and empty, no theft took place. However, the break-in resulted in a broken window, and the site attracts illegal activity, he said. “It’s becoming that type of nuisance,” Mann said at the July 13 meeting, held at Lapham Community Center. Though the town had looked into demolishing the building, officials found that lead paint had fused to the brick, meaning that it all had to be disposed of as a unit—an expensive proposition. Continue Reading →

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