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Town Pursues Push Button-Activated Flashing Beacon for South Avenue Crosswalk Near YMCA and Waveny

A popular pedestrian crossing of one of New Canaan’s busiest roads stands to become far safer for those who use it, under a plan that town officials now are considering. Traffic officials say they’re working with the state Department of Transportation to install a pedestrian-activated “rectangular rapid flash beacon” or “RRFB” at the South Avenue crosswalk just up from the New Canaan YMCA. Connecting the sidewalk just north of the YMCA to a trailhead for Waveny Park, the crosswalk serves dozens of runners and walkers, though motorists zipping up South Avenue—which doubles as state Route 124—often do not stop for those waiting to cross. New Canaan Department of Public Works officials for more than two months have been working with the DOT on an acceptable RRFB design that the town already uses at the top of God’s Acre, the Fieldcrest Road crossing to Saxe Middle School and soon will install at Elm and Weed Streets. Some of the specifications for the RRFB—such as the color of the control box (the state wants it to be yellow, the town a less glaring black or stainless steel) and the size of the sign (it’s off by about one inch)—require approval from the DOT’s various divisions, especially its Electrical Division, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. Continue Reading →

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Now, Vandalism: Richmond Hill Garage Remains a Problem, Town Officials Say

The free-standing garage on Richmond Hill Road—widely considered an eyesore—recently was broken into, according to town officials. Addressing the Parks & Recreation Commission at the group’s most recent meeting, Public Works Director Tiger Mann said as the building is unoccupied and empty, no theft took place. However, the break-in resulted in a broken window, and the site attracts illegal activity, he said. “It’s becoming that type of nuisance,” Mann said at the July 13 meeting, held at Lapham Community Center. Though the town had looked into demolishing the building, officials found that lead paint had fused to the brick, meaning that it all had to be disposed of as a unit—an expensive proposition. Continue Reading →

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Frogtown Road Temporarily Impassable at Welles Lane after Pipe Collapse Monday Morning

Update 5:49 p.m.

Frogtown Road has been reopened, according to police. Original Story

Public works officials on Monday morning closed Frogtown Road east of Welles Lane after a pipe collapse near that intersection. Reports of the 24-inch tile pipe collapsing came in at about 8:40 a.m. and the town “will have to do a total replacement,” requiring a shut-down of Frogtown Road, according to Tiger Mann, director of the Department of Public Works. Emergency vehicles coming from Weed Street will be able to get to every part of Frogtown Road, but it’s closed to regular motor vehicle traffic, officials said. The town expects to have the road open later on Monday morning, Mann said. Continue Reading →

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Traffic Officials Weigh New Solution to Awkward Laurel-Canoe Hill Rotary

Town officials say they’re leaning toward one of three redesigns for the awkward rotary at Laurel and Canoe Hill Roads. The signage that’s already in place, instructing motorists to “keep right” throughout the intersection is adequate for what’s there now, according to Tiger Mann, director of the New Canaan Public Works. The three versions of a future traffic solution there are to make the rotary island itself larger, Mann told fellow members of the Traffic Calming Work Group at their most recent meeting, create a “pear shape” out of it or “recess it” toward Laurel Road. That last option—to “leave it as just an island on Laurel”—would mean the rotary no longer serves the Canoe Hill Road traffic traveling past, Mann said at the May 16 meeting, held in the training room at the New Canaan Police Department. “That seems to be preferable out of all of them, because to try and make [the rotary] larger” would not fully address problems that some motorists have now with the rotary, Mann said. Continue Reading →

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Town To Install Pedestrian Crosswalks, Flashing Beacons at Weed and Elm

With the new sidewalk on Weed Street connecting Elm Street to Irwin Park earning high praise and wide use from residents, town officials say they’re eager to ensure that pedestrians are safe in crossing the busy north-south road. An early plan to put in stop signs for Weed Street traffic at Elm garnered pushback from some concerned about traffic backup. Instead, Public Works Director Tiger Mann said, the town will install a crosswalk at Weed and Elm as well to help pedestrians access the new sidewalk. The town also will put in push-button activated flashing beacons that alert motorists to a pedestrian using the crosswalk, he said. “There’s one at Saxe right now across from Farm Road. Continue Reading →

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