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Relocated Garbage Bin at Irwin Park Designed To Help with Used Dog Waste Bags

Responding to one idea for addressing the problem of abandoned dog waste at Irwin Park, public works officials have relocated a garbage bin to its northwest corner opposite Bayberry Road. Public Works Director Tiger Mann said the bin originally had been located near Irwin Barn and was moved at the request of the Parks & Recreation Commission. According to Commission Chair Sally Campbell, the thinking is that the newly placed bin would “make disposing of dog waste a little easier” for some. Specifically, some park-goers would pick up after their dog but then toss the used bag off-trail somewhere behind the main house, presumably because they didn’t want to have to carry it all the way around the Flexi-pave loop, she said. “Evidently it bothers other people and they think walking half a mile with a bag is an inconvenience, I guess,” Campbell said. Continue Reading →

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‘40 Kids Is a Lot of Kids’: Town Officials Lay Out Plan To Calm Traffic on River Street

Responding to safety concerns from residents who live along a densely housed residential street where motorists tend to speed, town officials say they’re looking at a number of ways to slow down traffic. River Street runs for about a half-mile parallel to Route 123 between Brushy Ridge and Strawberry Hill Roads, along the Fivemile River, with most of its houses—many of them multi-family dwellings—on the east side of the street. It has no speed limit signage, faded ‘no parking’ signs on one side, needs (and is scheduled) to be repaved and often sees drivers cut the light while traveling northbound on 123 at Brushy Ridge Road, speeding up to 50 and 60 mph, according to Christine Simmons, a representative of River Street and Charles Place residents. “We have 40 kids on River Street between the ages of 1 year old to 18 years old and the elementary school kids they get picked up on multiple places on River Street and in the fall and winter it’s dark,” Simmons told members of the Traffic Calming Work Group at their most recent meeting. “There are no street lights and we have the older kids that honestly they need education on driving on River Street because they are sometimes the violators of the speed,” Simmons continued at the meeting, held March 20 at the New Canaan Police Department. Continue Reading →

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Selectmen Approve $34,700 Contract for Outdoor Wall Repairs at Waveny House

Town officials on Tuesday approved a $34,700 contract with a Warren, Conn.-based company to repair stone walls around Waveny House. The Board of Selectmen voted 2-0 to approve the contract with Meduri Masonry, a company that Public Works Director tiger Mann said “has done some very good work for using the past on various projects throughout town.”

“This is for wall repairs in and around the house itself,” Mann told the selectmen at their meeting, held at Town Hall. “These will be comprised of the one existing wall that is adjacent to the parterre garden that is being replaced right now, and the wall to the north of it has actually collapsed over time.”

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan and Selectman Kit Devereaux voted in favor of the contract, which includes $30,200 plus $4,500 in contingency. Selectman Nick Williams was absent. “This is a town-funded project, this is not a partnership with the [Waveny Park] Conservancy, and the funds are currently available,” Mann said. Continue Reading →

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Failing ‘Guide Rails’ on Ponus Ridge, Turner Hill Road To Be Replaced

The Board of Selectmen at its most recent meeting unanimously approved more than $38,000 in two contracts with a Plainville-based company to replace guide rails on Ponus Ridge and Turner Hill Road. Eagle Fence & Guardrail under a $21,950 contract that includes $2,500 contingency and $2,500 for New Canaan Police presence will replace guide rails on both approaches to the Merritt Parkway overpass at Ponus Ridge, following the board’s 3-0 vote. A state bridge inspection found that the railings themselves at that location were missing and that id had a loose cable system, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. Additionally, Eagle under a $16,190 contract that includes $1,800 contingency and another $2,500 for police will do similar work on a stretch of Turner Hill Road that spans a steep embankment and stream, Mann told the selectmen at their March 27 meeting, held at Town Hall. “They [Eagle] gave us an alternative to what we normally have been doing, based on the fact that there is a lot of rock and a lot of ledge,” Mann said. Continue Reading →

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Public Works To Seek $198,000 Appropriation After Winter Storms

Public Works officials are expected to ask the town funding bodies for an approximately $198,000 special appropriation to cover higher-than-anticipated costs following a series of winter storms in March. Though there’s no such thing as a single standalone “snow removal budget,” in the winter there are normally just two accounts that get hit for overtime, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann: outside contractors, some of whom help plow parking lots or remove snow from the downtown, and road maintenance, which includes salt and deicing liquid. “This year, unfortunately, because of the nature of the storms, we actually are having problems with other accounts in other departments,” Mann told members of the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting on March 27. He referred to spending such as in the Parks Department, Transfer Station, Tree Warden and Sewer Department, whose pump stations the town had to man due to widespread power outages. Overages of $24,000 and $7,000 for the Transfer Station and Sewer Department, respectively, can be covered with funds from other accounts, Mann said, but the total from the Highway Department, Parks Department and tree service come to $298,000. Continue Reading →

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